125 East 8th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401
Office Hours
8:00am - 5:00pm
Chief Deputy Cliff Harrold

Administrative Assistant,

Administrative Division 

The Administrative Division of the Sheriff's Office houses office-wide functions such as Fiscal, Training, Planning, Labor Relations and Legal Counsel liaison. The Administrative Division is responsible for coordination of programs within the department, ensuring they consistently apply policies and procedures related to budget, accounting, training, personnel, labor contract administration, liability and other administrative functions.

Lane County Emergency Management prepares government agencies and the public for natural disasters and acts of terrorism by identifying and communicating potential hazards, developing and testing response plans, and developing and implementing mitigation projects.

Fiscal Services provides financial services to the 24-hour, seven day per week emergency response and corrections operation.  The majority of services are provided out of the courthouse Fiscal Office and include the department budget, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll processing, administration of grants and contracts, maintaining statistics, expenditure tracking and reporting, purchasing, and issuing uniforms and equipment.

The Sheriff’s Office values feedback from the community regarding the conduct of employees and the implementation of policies.  Commendations, allegations of misconduct and inquiries regarding policy are all submitted to the Office of Professional Standards in order to appropriately address concerns received from the citizens of Lane County.

Search and Rescue responds to lost, injured or missing people that are in need of rescue and/or recovery from natural or technological danger within Lane County on a 24-hour basis as mandated by ORS 401.560. 

Support Services is the operational branch of the Sheriff's Office responsible for communications, radio network, records, property and evidence functions in support of law enforcement and emergency management mission.

The Training Section develops and manages training programs, solely and with other law enforcement agencies. The section fosters skill development and reduces liability exposure by providing ongoing mandated and essential training to all employees in the Sheriff's Office.