Public Testimony 

The Lane County Board of Commissioners meets regularly throughout the year. 


Public Comment is taken shortly after the Board begins the meeting.  Speakers will be taken in the order in which they sign up and will be limited to 3 minutes.  If the number wishing to testify exceeds 7 speakers, then additional speakers may be allowed if the chair determines that time permits or each speaker's time may be reduced to fit within the 20 minutes allotted.


All individuals are expected to observe respectful behavior and decorum during all Lane County Public meetings.  Anyone acting in a disruptive, disorderly or threatening manner, or using excessive profanity, will be asked to voluntarily leave the meeting, and may be precluded from participating in future opportunities for public comment.  If an individual continues to behave in a disorderly and disruptive manner, and refuses to voluntarily leave the meeting, then the Chair may request a law enforcement officer to escort the individual from the meeting. Please be courteous, respectful and refrain from extraneous conversation.  Please turn off or mute your cell phone or pager.


Email and request that the information in your email be included in Public Comment.


Lane County Board of Commissioners

Public Service Building
125 East 8th Avenue

Eugene, OR  97401

Your letter MUST include a request that the information be included in Public Comment.


Send fax to 541-682-4616.  Be sure to request that the sent information be included in Public Comment. 


Submittal Deadline: To ensure that your public testimony is included in the Board of Commissioners’ Public Comment, information must be received in the office (spell out which office) by 5 p.m. two days prior to the next scheduled Board meeting.

For More Information on Board Meetings:

View our County Calendar or call 541-682-4203.