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County Administration 
6/17/2013 12:00 PM 
Lane County Forest Work Camp - Notice for Letters of Interest 

Lane County is seeking respondents with interest in operating the former Lane County Forest Work Camp as a rehabilitation, forest management, or similar facility. The County's Forest Work Camp was constructed as a 100-bed residential complex, and located in a rural setting to provide alternative incarceration for low-risk offenders, but is no longer used for these purposes. The facilities and zoning would allow for a variety of uses related to rehabilitation and forest management programs.

The specifics of the existing facility are as follow:

Address.  21600 Siuslaw River Road, Veneta, OR 97487

Site area. 105.7 acres (map number 19-07-25 #700)

  1.3 miles west of the intersection of Wolf Creek Road and Siuslaw River Road.  Access to the site is from Siuslaw River Road.  The property is approximately one hour by car from downtown Eugene.

Property Description.
  The property is generally flat, with a slight slope towards the Siuslaw River, which forms the southwestern boundary of the property. The surrounding area is predominantly forest land owned by both public and private entities.

  The property is developed with a number of structures and utilities, which supported the former Lane County Inmate Work Camp.  Structures include:
▪ Administration Building with a reception counter, offices, a dining hall, and a commercial
▪ Dormitory buildings capable of housing up to 100 beds
▪ Laundry building with commercial scale laundry equipment
▪ Classroom building
▪ Several maintenance shop buildings.
Utilities on the site include electrical service (plus an emergency generator), well- supplied
water system, fire suppression system (fire sprinklers), and on-site wastewater disposal (septic

The County will consider all responses received to this Notice.  If multiple responses are
received, Lane County will initiate a Request for Proposal or similar competitive process to select a contractor for operation of the facility. Lane County reserves the right to reject any
response not submitted in accordance with this Notice, or to reject any and all submissions upon a finding that it is in the public interest to do so.

If a Letter of Interest submitted in response to this Notice leads to a contract with Lane County,
the successful contractor will be required to provide proof of general liability, professional
liability and workers compensation insurance coverage meeting the County's requirements, comply with all applicable State and Federal laws, and be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

To be responsive, Letters of Interest must provide the following information:
1.  A letter clearly indicating interest in operating the property,
2.  A brief description of one or more proposed uses for the facility that reasonably may be
expected to be accommodated at the site, given the property's existing location, improvements, and
zoning, and
3.  A brief summary of the respondent's experience, background, or qualifications for operating
such a facility.

Letters of Interest are due not later than 12:00 noon, local time, on Monday, June 17 2013. To be considered, submissions must be received by Lane County at or before the exact time and date stated.

Proposals may be submitted either in paper copy as a sealed response, or electronically by email:

▪ Responses submitted in paper copy must be enclosed in a sealed envelope bearing the respondent's name and address, clearly marked "Forest Work Camp – Letter of Interest Enclosed," and addressed to:

James Chaney, Contracts Review Officer
Office of County Counsel
Lane County Public Service Building
125 E. 8th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401

▪Proposals may be submitted electronically in PDF format only to:

Questions regarding this Notice for Letters of Intent may be addressed to Brian Craner,
Capital Projects Manager, either by telephone at 541-682-3699, or by email to: