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Community & Economic Development 

"Developing Our Economy, Improving Our Community"

Who We Are

Glenda Poling

Sarah Case
Economic Development Officer


Lane County Vision: Lane County will be a prosperous community through wise stewardship of its human and natural resources.  It is a community that is ambitious in its hopes, creative in its leadership, and accountable for the health and welfare of its current and future generations of residents

Our Mission: To support Lane County development that is compatible with community values to promote vital and sustained economies that lead to job creation opportunities.

Our Focus:  Supporting growth of traded sector industry clusters with an eye on Food & Beverage and Advanced Manufacturing.

What's New

We're Taking a Big Look at Economic Development

The founding partners of the Lane Metro Partnership are undertaking a process to reexamine the organization structure, strategies and recruitment processes that will help guide future economic development efforts.  We have selected Allison Larsen, CEcD-Principal of Tadzo Consulting to help us make some strategic decisions over the next six months. The Eugene and Springfield Chambers, the cities of Eugene and Springfield and Lane County will be working with Tadzo, key stakeholders and others to make sure our regional economic development efforts deliver results that better serve our regional goals. 

We're Committed to Regional Prosperity

On November 14th and 15th  Lane County joined with our partners to host a two-day Regional Economic Development Prosperity Summit.  Attendance was great and the summary report is being prepared and as soon as it is ready will be available on our website.  We still have plenty of work ahead to build our economy to pre-recession numbers, but we should not over look the progress we’ve already made. Take a few moments to view some of our successes:

2023-1016 Regional Prosperity Summit 131113.wmv

Lane County Business Incentive Program 

Following a thorough research study conducted by the UO Community Planning Workshop and several work sessions with the Lane County Board of Commissioners,  at their Dec 3, 2013 Board Meeting the Commissioners approved Staff’s recommendation for a year-long “soft-launch” of Lane County’s Business Incentive Program relating to business recruitment & retention efforts. 


Since the Great Recession, cash-strapped communities around the nation have had to readdress the manner in which incentives have been awarded – cash up front awards are largely discouraged these days, while incentives that assist the business yet provide for the greater public good is given preference. 


Lane County’s Business Investment Program and CPW’s final report are available in pdf format on the Community & Economic Development Website.  

Lane County Business Incentive Program
Lane County Business Incentive Final Report

Congratulations to the City of Veneta and a Hearty Welcome to First Call Resolution!

Lane County Economic Development Division has revealed that First Call Resolution (also known as code name Project Grove) has committed to locating in the City of Veneta.  Lane County Economic Development staff began assisting FCR with their facility / site-search in 2012 and proceeded with elements of typical recruitment efforts such as; workforce analysis, area familiarization, and resource availability including financial assistance to help with tenant improvements etc.  

First Call Resolution looked at a number of locations in rural communities throughout Lane County along with several locations outside of the County. Ultimately the business decided that Veneta was the right location for their next expansion.  First Call Resolution will locate in the former True Value space in the shopping center located at the corner of Highway 126 and Territorial and bring an estimated 180 jobs to the rural community.  The Lane County Economic Development Division’s mission is to support development that is compatible with community values to promote vital and sustained economics that lead to job creation.  We are pleased to announce this recruitment win for Lane County and the City of Veneta!


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Springfield State Legislator Hired as Lane County’s Oregon Economic Development Specialist

Lane County Community and Economic Development Program announced Oregon State Legislator, John Lively, as the County’s Economic Development Specialist.  

 “Having spent most of my life working in or serving on boards related to jobs and economic development, I feel I have much to offer Lane County and the communities,” says Lively. “I enjoy working with businesses, individuals and government to find solutions and long-term economic opportunities.” 


Lively’s extensive experience in economic development ranges from recruitment, local business development, fund raising, budget management, communication and interactions both at local, regional and state levels.


Earlier this year Springfield, District 12, elected Lively as an Oregon State Legislator. He continues to be aware of the community’s needs and has spent many years of his life dedicated to his community. He is currently involved with organizations including Lane Regional Workforce Council, Success by Six through United Way of Lane County and Friends of Willamalane.


“At this stage of my career, I really wanted to do something that I feel passionate about. I’m extremely passionate about economic development in Lane County,” says Lively. “I’m thrilled to be joining such an amazing team.”


The Community and Economic Development Program aims to support Lane County development that is compatible with community values to promote vital and sustained economies that lead to job creation opportunities.

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Brownfields Assessment Grant: EPA has selected Lane County, the City of Eugene and the City of Springfield as recipients for a brownfields assessment coalition grant in the amount of $680,200. This assessment grant will identify brownfields in the Cities of Eugene, Springfield and in Lane County.  Half of the grant will be used for Community-wide hazardous substances grant funds will be used to develop a brownfields inventory and conduct 80 Phase I and three Phase II environmental site assessments. These Grant funds also will be used for community involvement activities.  The remaining $340,100 grant funds will be used to conduct the same activities at sites with suspected petroleum contamination 

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