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Community & Economic Development 

"Developing Our Economy, Improving Our Community"

Who We Are

Glenda Poling

Sarah Case
Economic Development Officer


Lane County Vision:  Lane County will be a prosperous community through wise stewardship of its human and natural resources.  It is a community that is ambitious in its hopes, creative in its leadership, and accountable for the health and welfare of its current and future generations of residents

Our Mission:  To support Lane County development that is compatible with community values to promote vital and sustained economies that lead to job creation opportunities.

Our FocusSupporting growth of traded sector industry clusters with an eye on Food & Beverage and Advanced Manufacturing

What's New

Lane County TRT Special Projects Invitation to Apply

Lane County Community and Economic Development Division invites proposals for tourism related projects.   Funding for this Invitation to Apply comes from Transient Room Taxes (TRT) allocated by the Board of County Commissioners and administered by the Lane County Community and Economic Development Division.  Lane Code 4.175 dictates how TRT is allocated.  Funds are to be used for projects that enhance tourism in Lane County.

TRT Special Projects Application
Special Projects Invitation

We're Committed to Regional Prosperity

On November 14th and 15th  Lane County joined with our partners to host a two-day Regional Economic Development Prosperity Summit.  Attendance was great and the summary report is being prepared and as soon as it is ready will be available on our website.  We still have plenty of work ahead to build our economy to pre-recession numbers, but we should not over look the progress we’ve already made. Take a few moments to view some of our successes:

2023-1016 Regional Prosperity Summit 131113.wmv

Business is Our Nature




Brownfields Assessment Grant: EPA has selected Lane County, the City of Eugene and the City of Springfield as recipients for a brownfields assessment coalition grant in the amount of $680,200. This assessment grant will identify brownfields in the Cities of Eugene, Springfield and in Lane County.  Half of the grant will be used for Community-wide hazardous substances grant funds will be used to develop a brownfields inventory and conduct 80 Phase I and three Phase II environmental site assessments. These Grant funds also will be used for community involvement activities.  The remaining $340,100 grant funds will be used to conduct the same activities at sites with suspected petroleum contamination 

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