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Regional Housing Rehabilitation Program 



Fixing Homes, Helping Families 

In 2002, St. Vincent de Paul's initiated a regional approach to rehabilitating homes for low- to moderate-income homeowners.

As the loan administrator of funding received from the State of Oregon, St. Vincent's now administers loans received by Lane County and the cities of Florence, Lowell, Cottage Grove, Oakridge, Westfir, and Junction City.  These are the six members of the Lane County Regional Housing Rehabilitation Consortium.

Income-qualified homeowners can apply for loans of up to $25,000. These loans can be used for health, safety, structural, and other improvements to their homes. 

Since 2001 The Regional Housing Rehabilitaton Program has received almost $3 million for loans in the member cities and unincorporated areas of the county.  These loans pay for new roofs, asbestos removal, new heating systems, floors, windows, water and septic system repairs, and other projects that keep families safe in their homes.  Loans are repaid to the revolving loan fund when the property changes ownership, and funds are recycled into new housing rehabilitation loans.

”In the last three years, RHRP has repaired 156 homes, but that’s nothing compared to the number of lives we’ve impacted,” says Anne Williams, St. Vincent de Paul’s Housing Program Director.

"We never could have afforded this many repairs on our home without an RHRP loan," says Tina Stratis, a wife and mother of three.

"I've been very blessed. I would have had to give up my home and move into a nursing home," says Verna Allen of Oakridge.

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For more information on applying for a loan contact Andy Clay at (541) 687-5820, ext. 128, or e-mail