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 Lane County is devoted to developing the tourism market throughout the rural areas of the county. The Rural Tourism Marketing Plan (RTMP) process allocates funds to rural communities for tourism related projects. The funds that are allocated for the Rural Tourism Marketing Program are from room taxes collected in rural areas of the county and are allocated by Lane Code to encourage more tourism.

The Rural Tourism Marketing Plan is the business of selling, packaging, and advertising rural Lane  County in a unified and integrated effort within the metropolitan area. Tourism product development in rural areas will utilize the rural/metro tourist connections to maximize rural benefit.

Each year the Community & Economic Development Program distributes about $195,000 of room tax receipts to its small cities and McKenzie Valley. The C&ED Program processes scopes of work, contracts, and payments.  Assistance is also provided to the Tourism Infrastructure Task Force, established by the Board of Commissioners to produce a countywide plan by early 2005. 

The RTMP invites rural areas to increase transient room tax revenues. How do they do that? By making their town enticing to visitors so that they want to stay here for business and recreational needs. Their town will be packaged as a destination, a place where groups and recreationists want to come and stay.

Travel Lane County helps to market the idea to visitors. This also includes marketing this notion during "non-peak" times as well. This would include those winter/early spring months when the outside weather turns gray. By providing cooperation between Travel Lane County and rural areas, tourist organizations will realize that Lane County has a reputation for fun, friendly people, great service provided by hotels/motels and is not only a great place for business functions, but for those outdoor enthusiasts as well.

Everything you want to know about vacation and entertainment opportunities in Lane County can be found on the Travel Lane County website: