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Legal Web Sites 


There are some specialized forms (i.e., expungement) available on the Lane County Circuit Court web site, at:                                   
Family Law Forms, can be purchased from the Court Cashiers or the Family Court Assistance Office during morning walk in hours, or accessed for free at
The web site for the Oregon Justice Department offers some forms, although some may not be used in Lane County's Circuit Court.  Check with the Court Clerk about any local variations. The web site is: 

Legal assistance providers links and phone:

Lane County Legal Aid
:  342-6056
Lane County Senior Law Services: 485-1017
Oregon State Bar Assn. Legal Referral Service:  1-800-452-7636
Community Alliance of Tenants: 503-288-013

Online Sources of Statutes, Cases, Rules, and Regulations:

Click Here for a PDF

General Legal Information and Research Sites:
A site compiled by legal aid providers in Oregon, it contains information related to landlord-tenant, consumer law, seniors, employment, immigration, and family abuse prevention.

Oregon State Bar Public Information
General legal information from the Oregon State Bar. Good for learning terms and ideas but lacks citation to statutes or cases.

ABA Journal Search
Contains a search box that will search over 400 law journals and law review sources that are available online. Some provide the article in full, while others only provide a preview. If you are unable to access a full article, feel free to contact our library with your citation and we most likely can provide your article.
Web page maintained by Law Library of Congress, which includes links to federal, state and international law sources. (Warning: some foreign law materials are available in English, but some links are to sites which are in the native language of the country represented, and are not translated.)
Web site for Nolo Press, which publishes self-help legal guides for non-attorneys.  Site includes information pages explaining legal terminology and issues.  (Warning: information on this site is not specific to Oregon law and does not constitute legal advice.  It is only intended to give users some general information.)