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Web Sites for Legal and Business Research

The law library has a limited number of materials that provide only EXAMPLES of forms.  However, it does NOT sell forms for use in the local courts.   Nor does it have any information on how to complete forms purchased elsewhere.

 Other sources for forms:

  1. There are some specialized forms (i.e., expungement) available on the Lane County Circuit Court web site, at:                                                
  2. Family Court Assistance Office, on third floor of Courthouse, sells packets of forms for individuals representing themselves in divorce or custody actions; check with the Court Information desk for available hours.  682-4302.
  3. The web site for the Oregon Justice department offers some forms, although some may not be used in Lane County's Circuit Court.  Check with the Court Clerk about any local variations. The web site is: 

Legal assistance resources:
Lane County Legal Aid:  342-6056
Lane County Senior Services:  682-4038
Oregon State Bar Assn. Legal Referral Service:  1-800-452-7636

  Web Sites for Legal and Business Research

Oregon State:
Oregon legislative site, including ORS legislative materials.
Legislative Counsel's page
Oregon Administrative rules (current only)
Oregon Judicial Branch, includes court rules, fees, and links to State Circuit Court websites in individual counties (including Lane)
Oregon court web site for recent slip opinions for appellate courts.
Oregon state government web site for Governor's Office, and administrative agencies
Oregon State Bar Association web page, including directory of attorneys, and information pages on legal issues for public
Guide to Oregon State Archives, and listing of historical records maintained by counties and the state, including genealogy information.     
Council on Court Procedures website, including information on court rule changes, minutes and agendas for the Council, etc.  
Oregon Council of  County Law Libraries website, which lists other county law libraries' addresses and phone numbers.  Also provides additional links to legal resources on the Internet.


Federal Sites:      

Federal government site linking to all federal court pages, Congress, the President's office and most federal administrative agencies
U.S. Supreme Court page (docket and slip opinions)
Page linking to all federal courts' web sites, including Oregon Bankruptcy, Oregon District Court and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
Library of Congress page, linking to current Congressional bills, Public Laws, legislative history information, Congressional Record, and Committee publications
U.S. Dept. of Justice, including information on how to make Freedom of Information requests to public agencies.
Web site for the Office of the President, which includes press releases, information about the White House (history, tours, etc.), biographical information, and links to Presidential Proclamations and Executive Orders issued by the President.
Main web page for the Government Printing Office, which provides links to many federally-generated documents.  Also includes complete catalog of publications available from the federal government, including Congressional and special reports.

General Legal Research Sites:
Free site which links to all 50 states' laws and courts, plus federal sites.  Includes information on locating attorneys in other states, plus links to news releases and other information for both attorneys and non-attorneys.
Web page maintained by Law Library of Congress, which includes links to federal, state and international law sources. (Warning: some foreign law materials are available in English, but some links are to sites which are in the native language of the country represented, and are not translated.)
Web site for Nolo Press, which publishes self-help legal guides for non-attorneys.  Site includes information pages explaining legal terminology and issues.  (Warning: information on this site is not specific to Oregon law and does not constitute legal advice.  It is only intended to give users some general information.)
Online directory of attorneys practicing in all 50 states, organized by geographical region and by name.  Includes biographical information (Martindale-Hubbell Directory of Attorneys). Also includes access to LEXISOne and free case law opinions for all 50 states (years of coverage for Oregon only go back to 1999.).