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To review the Lane County policies mandatory for vendors.  Lane County has established these policies to promote safety, health, and a positive and non-discriminatory working enviornment for all employees, workers and citizens.  All vendors doing business with Lane County are required to understand and comply with County policies regarding smoking, use or possession of drugs, alcohol, weapons, or animals; and discrimination, harassment, violence, or offensive behavior.

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Open Postings
Building Construction Postings
RFB (Request for Bid) Postings
Organization: Public Works
Due Date: 5/27/2016 12:00 PM
Summary: Grading, Paving, Sewers, and Structures CRS Circulation Improvements and Leachate Discharge Pad
Professional Services Postings
RFP (Request for Proposal) Postings
Organization: Lane County Public Works
Due Date: 6/30/2016 4:00 PM
Summary: Request for Offers for Purchase, Long-Term Lease or Transfer of the Lane County Forest Work Camp
RFQ (Request for Quote) Postings
Organization: LCPW - Parks Division
Due Date: 4/1/2016 5:00 PM
Summary: The Lane County Public Works Department seeks Statements of Qualifications from qualified park planning professionals to provide Park Master Planning Services for Lane County
Organization: LCPW - LEC
Due Date: 8/22/2016 5:00 PM
Summary: Request for Qualifications
   Facility Condition Assessment of the Lane Events Center Division
LOI (Letter of Interest) Postings
Organization: Parole & Probation Office
Due Date: 6/30/2016 5:00 PM

The Lane County Parole & Probation Office invites responses from qualified firms and individuals interested in providing treatment, testing, housing, support and other services for released offenders in Lane County. The purpose of this Request for Letters of Interest & Prequalification (RLOI) is to identify and prequalify firms and individuals qualified and capable of providing any of the described services on a contractual basis, for contracts that would commence on dates through June 30, 2018.

Letters of Interest due: 5:00 p.m. (PST) Thursday, June 30, 2016

Technical Services Postings
RFQ (Request for Quote) Postings
Organization: LCPW - WMD
Due Date: 4/16/2016 5:00 PM
Summary: RFQ Solid Waste Engineering 2016
Goods and Services Postings
RFP (Request for Proposal) Postings
Organization: Lane Event Center
Due Date: 6/17/2016 10:00 AM
Summary: The purpose of this RFP is to solicit offers from potential vendors who are interested in providing alcohol, catering and/or concession services at the Lane Events Center (LEC) for Lane County. Vendors will have an opportunity to apply for any portion or any combination of the three opportunities outlined in the RFP. The contract will be for a period from September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2017.
Proposals Due: 10:00 a.m. (PST) Friday, June 17, 2016.
Organization: LCPW - WMD
Due Date: 6/16/2016 9:00 AM
Summary: Request for Proposals for Hazardous Waste Disposal Services at the
  Glenwood Central Receiving Station
RFQ (Request for Quote) Postings
Organization: Sheriff's Office
Due Date: 7/18/2016 2:00 PM
Summary: The purpose of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) is to establish a list of prequalified vendors from which to receive formal proposals for inmate food services at the Lane County Adult Corrections Division and for other corrections program areas.

Statement of Qualifications Due:
Monday, July 18, 2016
2:00 p.m., Local Time

Fleet Services Postings
RFP (Request for Proposal) Postings
Organization: LCPW Fleet & General Services
Due Date: 1/12/2016 4:00 PM

RFP for Water Treatment Services
Lane County is interested in contracting with a qualified vendor for water treatment services for commercial building HVAC equipment.


Organization: LCPW - Fleet & Gen'l Services
Due Date: 8/11/2016 10:00 AM
Summary: Request for Proposals (For Electronic Submission for
Tires and Tire Service for Waste Management Central Receiving Station and
Short Mountain Landfill
Grant Proposal Postings
RFP (Request for Proposal) Postings
Organization: LCPW-WMD
Due Date: 6/2/2016 12:00 AM

Grant Application for Waste Diversion Opportunity Funds 2016