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Want to help but just don’t have the  time to volunteer? 

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When the Kids' FIRST Center of Lane County opened in 1994, we had three age-appropriate, video-equipped interview rooms, two medical exam rooms, two conference rooms, offices for a doctor, the  Center director, a volunteer coordinator and police and the Department of Human Services Child Welfare Program, a small kitchen to hold snacks for kids and ample closet space.  Fast forward to 2001 and one of the conference rooms has been converted to an activity room stocked with games, coloring books and art supplies galore.  The office for police and the Department of Human Services Child Welfare Program is now a workroom for advocates.  One of the interview rooms is now the Program Services Coordinator’s office.  Our Administrative Assistant shares office space with our doctors.  One of the medical exam rooms has been converted to a storage closet, the kitchen is too small, and our ample closets are somehow not so ample anymore.  

In addition to the need for volunteers, the Center is always in need of  financial support.  The victim population we serve has more than tripled since the Center opened in 1994, and our current office space is simply no longer adequate to meet the needs of staff and the families we serve.  Plans are in the works for a new Center, and we have acquired the land and over half of the money necessary to build it.  The rest of the money, however (approximately $500,000) will have to be obtained from grant and private funding sources.  Funds are also needed to supplement our current grant funding to pay for staff positions and support education and  training programs for law enforcement, health care professionals and personnel from the Department of Human Services Child Welfare Program.

If you are interested in helping us meet our needs so that we can keep helping to meet the needs of child abuse victims, please contact us at 682-3938!  Donations of time, money or services (such as carpet and/ or upholstery cleaning, window washing, etc.) are gratefully accepted!