Health and Human Services Jobs 

The mission of Lane County Health & Human Services is to promote and protect the health and well-being of individuals, families, and our communities.  Health & Human Services (H&HS) is a broad-based organization which oversees health, mental health, social services, and offender programs in a largely subcontracted system.  The subcontract providers are our community partners in a complex service delivery system.  The department provides a wide variety of direct services, offered on a sliding-scale fee basis.

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All Health & Human Services facilities and campuses are tobacco free.

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includes department support services and
some direct services.  This program is responsible for negotiating and monitoring H&HS subcontracted services, recruitment, and fiscal services.

Our classifications include:  Director, Assistant Director, County Medical Officer, Manager, Public Information Officer, Administrative Services Specialist, Program Services Coordinator, Accounting Analyst, Administrative Assistant, Accounting Clerk and Office Assistant.

151 W. 7th Ave.
Room 520
Eugene, 97401
Currently Posted Positions:   
None at this time
 Behavioral Health (Mental Health & Methadone Treatment)
  Behavioral Health provides a broad array of services and programs which include treatment for children, families and adults.

Our classifications include:  Division Manager, Program Supervisor, Clerical Supervisor, Sr. Mental Health Specialist, Mental Health Specialist,  Mental Health Specialist 2, Administrative Analyst, Administrative Assistant and Office Assistant.

BH Services
2411 MLK Blvd
Eugene, 97401
(541) 682-4085
Currently Posted Positions:
201600014  Psychiatrist 
 201600052 Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
201600225 Mental Health Specialist 1 or 2 Bilingual (Adult Team) 
201600229 Mental Health Specialist 2 (Adult Team-Intake)
 201600223 Mental Health Specialist 1 or 2 (Adult Team-General)
201600144 Mental Health Specialist 2 (Adult Team-Integrated Behavioral Health) 
201600190 Senior Mental Health Specialist 
201600224 Mental Health Specialist 1 or 2 (Forensic Program) 
201600228 Peer Support Specialist  

Community Health Centers 

The Community Health Centers focuses on providing integrated care that values the whole person.  Our services encompass not only treatment and prevention of illness, but health education, behavioral health, children's preventative dental services and outreach.

Our classifications include:  Division Manager, Operations Manager, Systems Manager, Associate Medical Officer, Physician PC Nursing Supervisor, Clinical Supervisor, Nurse Practitioner, Management Analyst, Administrative Analyst, Mental Health Specialst, Community Health Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse, Medical Assistant, Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Office Assistant and Data Entry Clerk.

RiverStone Clinic
2073 Olympic Springfield, 97477
(541) 682-3550

Currently Posted Positions:

201500210  Physician 
 201600016 Internal Medicine Physician
201500158  Nurse Practitioner 
201500192 Bilingual Office Assistant 
201500157 Community Health Nurse 1 or 2 
201600042 Bilingual Medical Assistant 2
201600169 Temporary Licensed Practical Nurse
 201600170 Temporary Community Health Nurse 1 or 2
 201600199 Mental Health Specialist 2
201600227 Office Assistant 2 
 Clinical Financial Services
Clinical Financial Services supports both the Community Health Centers and Behavioral Health divisions by providing quality budgetary and billing services.

Our classifications include:  Division Manager, Fiscal Supervisor, Management Analyst, Administrative Analyst, Accounting Analyst, Sr. Accounting Clerk, Bilingual Accounting Clerk 2, Accounting Clerk 2

2073 Olympic St.
Springfield, 97477

 Currently Posted Positions:

201600233 Clinical Fiscal Services Supervisor

Developmental Disabilities

Developmental Disabilities provides support, training, care, monitoring, protection and crisis response for persons with developmental disabilities and their families.

Our classifications include:  Division Manager, DD Supervisor, Abuse Investigator, Bilingual DD Specialist,  DD Specialist,  Admin Assistant, Office Assistant, Management Analyst

125 E. 8th Ave.
Eugene, 97401

Currently Posted Positions:

 201600240 - Developmental Disabilities Specialist


Human Services

Human Services helps people meet their basic needs and overcome barriers to improving their economic security.  Our division also includes Family Mediation and Veteran Services.

Our Classifications Include:  
Division Manager, HS Supervisor, Management Analyst, Accounting Analyst, Admin Assistant, Program Services Coordinator 2, Community Services Worker 2, Sr. Office Assistant

151 W. 7th Ave
Eugene, 97401

 Currently Posted Positions:

 201600241 - Program Services Coordinator 2

 201600248 - Workforce Development Supervisor


 Public Health Services

  Public Health provides direct care and education through Communicable Disease, Maternal Child Health, Oregon Mother's Care, Preparedness & Chronic Disease, Environmental Health, Vital Records and Women, Infants & Children programs.

Our classifications include:  Division Manager,  Program Supervisor, Sr Management Analyst, Sr Community Health Analyst, Community Health Analyst, Stores Sr Stores Clerk, Community Health Nurse, Environmental Health Specialist, Program Services Coordinator,  Bilingual Community Services Worker, Community Services Worker 2,  Sr Office Assistant, Bilingual Office Assistant 2, Office Assistant 2.
151 W. 7th Ave.
Eugene, 97401

Currently Posted Positions: 

 201600243 - Sr. Community Health Analyst


Trillium Behavioral Health Services

  Trillium Behavioral Health Services supports service delivery including consumer and parent run organizations, community prevention efforts, crisis response, outpatient treatment, intensive community-based treatment supports, residential and hospital services.

Our Classifications Include:  Division Manager, Program Supervisor, Sr Mental Health Specialist, Sr Administrative Analyst, Administrative Analyst, MHO Care Coordination Specialist, Admin Assistant, Office Assistant.
1776 Millrace Dr.
Suite 200
Eugene, 97403

Currently Posted Positions: 

 201600239 - Extra Help Behavioral Health Services Director

 201600183 - Behavioral Health Medical Services Director


 Youth Services

   Youth Services provides assessment, probation, training, counseling and detention services for all youth ages 12-17 referred by local law enforcement because of criminal behavior.

Our classifications include:  Division Manager, Program Supervisor, Executive Assistant, Management Analyst, Juvenile Counselor, Juvenile Group Worker, JJS Nurse, Community Services Worker, Employment Specialist, Lead Juvenile Cook, Juvenile Justice Specialist, Bilingual Office Assistant, Office Assistant.
2727 MLK Blvd
Eugene, 97401

 Currently Posted Positions: 

 201600242 - Juvenile Justice Specialist/Culinary Arts

 201600218 - Temporary Juvenile Group Worker