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Oregon MothersCare

General Information

The Oregon MothersCare Program (OMC) is a statewide program that helps women have healthy pregnancies. In Lane County, OMC has helped thousands of families have healthy babies by helping pregnant women get onto Oregon Health Plan in a faster way, which gets them into a doctor faster; providing individual education and support, links to other helpful organizations or programs, and direct assistance with finding the right services, including prenatal care.

OMC has an agreement with the Oregon Health Plan to prioritize their pregnant women, which means they are approved and receive their OHP ID numbers faster than if you turned it in yourself or through the health care portal.

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Think You Might be Pregnant?
Program Description
Benefits from the Oregon MothersCare Program
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Think You Might be Pregnant?

Lane County Public Health is an Oregon MothersCare site.  If you are pregnant, we can help you complete an Oregon Health Plan application and get you approved faster than if you applied on your own or through another community partner. OHP prioritizes all OMC clients and they are processed much more quickly. We provide educational materials, prenatal vitamins and help you find a doctor and make your first prenatal appointment.

We will assist you with a referral to WIC for nutritional education and assistance with vouchers for food necessary to have a health pregnancy and healthy baby. Information about other community resources is also available. Referral can also be made to our maternal child health nurses for maternity case management services/home visiting programs.

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Program Description and Goals

The Oregon MothersCare Program helps pregnant women and families learn about and access the services they need, such as:


  • Help applying for the Oregon Health Plan
    • OHP benefits, adding your newborn, and renewing
  • Help making their first prenatal care appointment
  • Information about the WIC program which gives them nutrition education and healthy food
  • Information about Maternity Case Management (nurse home visiting) services
  • Education about pregnancy and childbirth
  • Other information and services available to them

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Who Benefits from the Oregon MothersCare Program

The Oregon MothersCare Program has helped thousands of Lane County women access prenatal care early in their pregnancy. In Oregon, 1 in 5 women do not receive this care as soon as recommended, in the first three months of pregnancy. Early and complete prenatal care is very important for the good health of both mother and baby.

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Program Coordinator: Kristi Wedmore
Phone: (541) 682-3926; TTY (541) 682-4345

LCPH services are available regardless of age, race, color, sex, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and marital status.  LCPH facilities are wheelchair
accessible. LCPH materials are available upon request in alternative formats such as: large print, Braille and other languages.