Lane County GIS Map Gallery 

Welcome to the Lane County GIS Map Gallery.  Below are links and descriptions of our newly enhanced mapping applications as well as links to older applications.  Please check the notes next to the older applications as some of them will be retired soon and others will be converted to our enhanced mapping platform in the near future.  Be sure to check back regularly to see what applications have come online and to see what other maps or links we have added.

Newly Enhanced Mapping Applications

Commissioner Search

The Commissioner Search is a tool that will help you find your elected officials, such as your Commissioner, Senator, etc. as well as your local school district and neighborhood schools. The application allows you to search by address, view a report listing the information, and click on a link to a website for a particular elected official or school. You can also search for a specific school district or school to view the school district boundary or school attendance area.


LaneCountyMaps is an application containing transportation related data, as well as base information, including;

  • Road jurisdiction, functional class, operational maintenance
  • Mileposts
  • Speed zones
  • Traffic volume
  • Road restrictions
  • Vegetation management
  • Addresses
  • Taxlots
  • Aerial photography
  • Contours 
  • Parks
  • USGS Quad Maps

Zone and Plan Maps  

Zone & Plan Maps contains information pertaining to planning and surveying, as well as base information, including;

  • Zoning designations
  • Plan designations
  • Coastal overlays
  • Wetlands
  • Flood hazard areas
  • Class 1 Streams
  • Soils
  • Contours
  • Addresses
  • Taxlots
  • Aerial photography
  • USGS Quad Maps


SIDO Maps is a full featured map for reviewing and researching survey information and documents online.  Map features provide a link into Lane County Surveyor's Images and Documents Online (SIDO) which provides additional information about each feature and links to associated survey documents.

Older Mapping Applications