Frequently Used Forms 

We recognize that the building permit application and approval process is a paperwork intensive procedure during which the applicant encounters numerous forms that serve a variety of purposes.  Whenever possible, we strive to minimize the amount of paperwork associated with the permit process and do our best to provide all relevant information on each form in order to clearly outline and illustrate its function.  While each form utilized in the permitting process can be found on the Building Program website and its links to other pages, this page is intended to be a centralized location for all of our forms, organized in alphabetical order by title.  We hope you find this page helpful in replacing a form you may have misplaced or obtaining a needed form without having to physically visit our offices. 

Agricultural Hoop Structure in the Floodplain Certification Form

As-Built Certification Form

As-Built Informational Handout

Building Permit Application 

Cancellation/Refund Request

Contractor Information for Certificate of Occupancy

Contractor Responsibility Form

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements

Electrical Permit Application 

Electrical Master Permit Program Application

Electrical Master Permit Program Licensure Survey

Electrical Master Permit Program Maintenance Log

Electrical Plan Review Handout

Extension Request Form

Exterior Wall Enhanced Drainage

High-Efficiency Lighting Verification Form

Important Information Regarding Demolition & Remodel Work

Manufactured Home Installer Responsibility Form

Mechanical Permit Application 

Moisture Content Verification

Property Owner Authorization Form

Permit Fee Guide 

Plumbing Permit Application

Residential Energy Efficiency Handout

Residential Building Permits Handout

Self-Certification of Outright Permitted Use For Solare Energy System

Smoke Alarms in Residential Construction