Jurisdictional Boundaries 

The Lane County Building Program has jurisdiction throughout unincorporated Lane County.  The following is a list of the incorporated cities within Lane County that indicates which authority (either county or city) has jurisdiction with regard to building codes within either the city limits or urban growth boundary (UGB).  If your property should fall within one of the cities which administers a building program within its city limits and/or UGB, you should contact that city directly for any building permit needs. 

Authority Having Jurisdiction

Incorporated City

Inside City Limits

City Limits to UGB

Coburg Coburg Lane County
Cottage Grove Cottage Grove Lane County
Creswell Creswell Lane County
Dunes City Dunes City Lane County
Eugene Eugene Eugene
Florence Florence Lane County
Junction City Junction City Lane County
Lowell Lowell Lane County
Oakridge Oakridge Lane County
Springfield Springfield Springfield
Veneta Veneta Lane County
Westfir Lane County Lane County