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IVR Instructions (IVR is an automated telephone answering system) 

The Lane County Land Management Division does not have a receptionist at this time, but has an Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) System 
that will allow you to perform the following actions over the phone:

  • Schedule an inspection.
  • Cancel an inspection.
  • Hear the results of an inspection.
  • Check the status of a permit.
  • Access helpful information about our business operations.
  • Transfer directly to one of our staff's message lines.

Basic instructions:

  • The system responds to voice commands in all areas except Staff Directory and the Help menu.
  • The system also responds to numeric prompts from the keypad.
  • To deactivate voice recognition, push "7" from the Main Menu.
  • "7" from the Main Menu is a toggle that activates/deactivates voice recognition. When voice recognition is off you are required to make entries from the keypad only.
  • To backup from anywhere in the system push "#".

"0" from most areas in the system will take you to the Help menu.


Quick reference guides for the IVR system:

      Schedule an inspection

    Cancel an inspection

     Hear the results of an inspection

     Check the status of a permit