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Adult Dog Training 
Destructive Chewing  Chewing is essential for maintaining the health of your dog's teeth, jaws and gums.  Puppies especially have a strong need to chew...

Digging Problems  Dogs dig to bury bones, and later to dig them up again.  Dogs dig cooling hollows in the summer, and warming pits in the winter...

Excessive Barking  Some dogs get extremely worked up when visitors ring the doorbell, or when dogs walk by the house.  Some spaniels and terriers bark at the drop of a hat...

Fear of People  Socializing a puppy to people is the easiest and most enjoyable aspect of raising a dog.  On a regular and ongoing basis, puppies need to meet, play with, and be handled and trained by a wide variety of people...

Hyperdog  Puppies are naturally noisy and hyperactive.  Puppies are exuberant when greeting, playing, and when expressing friendliness and appeasement.  However, adult dogs are noisy and hyperactive because they are untrained...

Walking on Leash  By and large, leash-pulling masks the real problem: without a leash you would probably be without a dog...