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Animals Needing Foster Homes 

These are not the only LCAS animals available to foster homes, however we are actively seeking immediate placements for them.


 We are suddenly getting LOTS of kittens that need fostering, as well as nursing mothers with litters .  We have placed a dozen kittens in foster in 3 days... we need more foster homes NOW!!Sign up now to foster:


Litters of healthy kittens  



  • Sick kittens that need home care
  • Orphaned nursing babies ("bottle babies")- PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED
  • Pregnant/nursing mothers with babies


Dogs That Need Some 1-on-1 Training

Some of our canine residents are going to need a little training to appeal to the broadest audience of adopters. 
If you have patience, love, and some experience working with dogs that are not already perfectly trained, consider offering one of these pups the greatest gift: YOUR TIME.   Even a week of
"bootcamp" in a foster home will give us the kind of information that gets these dogs ADOPTED.  Can you offer a week or two of dedicated training time in YOUR home?
Most of these dogs will need plenty of exersize (but not at a dog park) while in your care, and we generally recommend you keep them separate from other pets while in training.






Wimbleton (1210-0530) is a jolly young American Bulldog/Pit Bull type, and is big and strong like most dogs in the "Bully Breed" family.  He is having some trouble fitting in at the shelter.  He LOVES to play, especially with toys, but he makes a lot of noise (play-growling and barking) when playing with people.  We'd like to see him in a home that can work on improving his play manners.  He appears very social with other dogs, but his rambunctious play style has made it hard to find him good buddies, so we would likr to observe how he does with  other dogs in a foster home as well. 

UPDATE!  Briggs has been adopted, but Barry still needs a lucky break...Briggs
Briggs 1210-0562(left) and Barry 1210-0563 (right) came in together, but are looking for separatte fosters.  They are already housed with other dogs, as they tended to get each other super "wound up".  They can sometimes seem very wild and jump up on people, but do SO much better while on walks that we think they will be much better behaved in a home.  Barry (the tan one) can and will hop over tall fences, so he needs to be supervised when outside at all times.  These are happy social dogs that need a little TLC in a home setting to really blossom and catch an adopter's eye.
Neither do well with cats at this point, but may be better with training.

Moses (1209-0361) sure is a cutie, and in fact is a very good looking Pit Bull.  Sadly, he is doing worse and worse every day here at LCAS, so we NEED to find him a foster home, even just one for a week or so where he can chill out.  He does well being walked near other dogs, and has met a few, but is best as an only dog or a home that will 100% supervise all interactions with another family dog. 

UPDATE:Char is now in foster care!
CharChar (1211-0744) is a stocky Border Collie/Lab/Pit (?) type.  She was briefly adopted and then returned.  We know she is housetrained and has decent house manners.
The adopters went against our advice and kept taking her to the dog park, where she did OK with a few dogs, but got into fights with other dogs.  Now she is more reactive when she sees other dogs than before.
We need a foster with no other dogs that can work on her walking politely on leash around other dogs, and her listening skills in general (especially when excited).  This young dog deserves another chance, and some solid training for a few weeks will give her the best possible chance of getting re-adopted.  We will provide equipment and training help for her foster home.
Piper (1208-0248) has been waiting so long for a miracle. She has had a run of bad luck, including picking up a (now completely healed) fungal infection that required her to be in strict isolation for 3 months!!
Piper may do OK with other dogs and cats, but careful introductions will be needed after so much isolation.  She was originally a stray dog who was so skittish that she had to be caught in a live-trap.  If she gets loose, she may bolt and be impossible to catch again, so we can talk with you further about safely getting her accustomed to a new home.  If you have the love and patience to teach her to feel more confident and secure and how to be a happy house-dog, you will be saving her life.  Please help Piper's luck change TODAY!!

Well Trained Dogs That Just Need a Break

These dogs are already trained, and are used to living in a home.  Please consider fostering one of these "easy" dogs while we advertize for a new home.  Dogs in foster are more easily adopted because many adopters feel more comfortable about taking home a dog with a history of good behavior.  Dogs aldo "show" better in homes than at the hectic shelter.

MagicMagic ((1210-0639) is a cute smaller, slender Chow mix.
Magic is already housetrained, and is easy to walk on a leash.  He would do best in a home with teens and older, because like many Chows, he doesn't like to be grabbed or poked or prodded.  This hansome sweetie is easy to walk on leash around other dogs, but he does NOT do well when meeting them, so we'd like him to be the only dog.
Magic would be the perfect quiet, mellow companion for a home with no other pets.


Carter (1211-0713) is a tall and handsome Pit Bull.  The person who found him said he was totally housetrained, mellow and easy to handle.  Here at LCAS he is VERY social and does well with many other dogs and even seems OK with cats. 
This guy is clearly unhappy here at LCAS, and needs more conpanionship than we can offer.  He has been seen getting too rough while playing when he finally gets a chance to be with people outside.  We want him to move to a foster home right away so he can get back to being his charming, well mannered self, instead of acting too goofy and wild in our visiting yards.  A home with previous Pit Bull experience would be perfect for Carter!