Enforcement Services We Provide 


We do provide:

  • Dog at large – officer initiated / in traffic and/or aggressive - (subject to time constraints - officer availability)

  • Abuse / Neglect complaints

  • Dangerous Behavior Class A formal or PR

  • Dangerous Behavior - Fail to comply (all levels)

  • Injured / sick severe (imminent danger of dying)

  • Abandonment – based on circumstances

  • PR (public relation) contacts by phone or in person which may include education, follow-up, and useful tools for resolve

  • Licensing – will be handled by the Officer during the time of contact for services we provide

Due to reduced funds and staff, Lane County Animal Services is no longer able to provide field/code enforcement services for the following:  

  • Dog at large pick-up – not in traffic or aggressive

  • Dog at large formal complaints

  • Barking complaints

  • Confined stray dog/cat pick-up

  • Solid Waste complaints

  • Dangerous Behavior – lower levels (PR contact only)

  • License complaints


LCAS does not:
Pick-up deceased animals - for dead animal pick-up click here 
 Handle wildlife issues - for wildlife info click here
Handle livestock at large - for more info click here

Note: Lane County Animal Services provides enforcement services on an as-needed basis only for cities that choose to maintain a current service contract with LCAS. Enforcement services must be requested by the City's designated coordinator.  For contact phone numbers, please click here.

Please click on the following links if you have lost or found a pet:         Lost Pets        Found Pets

For Lane County code/fines or other information, please refer to our detailed services list on the HOME PAGE of this site.  Thank you.