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Success Stories of Special Needs Animals 

Miracles Do Happen!!!

Lil' Trooper
Lil Trooper went to Amazon Park Animal Clinic for his dental and bi-lateral cherry eye removal. He returned to the foster parent after his procedure to recuperate.  The foster mom said that they love him and his real personality was emerging while in her care. "He is quite the lil fellow".  Lil' Trooper was adopted from his foster home and is now in his forever home.  Thank you to all who donated towards his surgery.  He is a much happier fellow these days.

Beatrice went in for an evaluation of her horrible ear polyp. Unfortunately, the veterinarian thought it could be squamous cell carcinoma, a type of cancer, that involved the entire ear canal. Even with surgery, if possible, because it would require a total ear resection, the outcome is usually unfavorable.

Beatrice was a trooper and was very uncomfortable for a long time, while roaming the streets of Eugene prior to coming to LCAS. We are comforted by the fact that we all made her feel as comfortable as possible with daily 'hot packing', anti inflammatory and pain medication. Through all her discomfort and pain, she was always the sweetest patient and never put up a fuss. We will miss her terribly! Thanks to all our wonderful patrons for donating money towards her cause, she is no longer suffering.

Ingred had her eye removed, a dental with extractions, was spayed and a lump was removed all thanks to the generous donations of our patrons and a local veterinary clinic.

Ingred is currrently in a foster home and doing well, however she is still looking for a home.  She is a sweet, loving little Lhasa Apso Mix that would love to be your best friend.


Received his badly need dental thanks to the communities generosity and is now living in his forever home.

is a young adult, seal point siamese that came to us with a severe eye infection, corneal degeneration and the eyes needed to be removed. This beautiful cat is very loving and now living in her forever home! 

Is a senior citizen canine with a severe heart murmur, significant tartar and periodontal disease, and a slight head tilt due to an ear infection. Due to Gretchen's heart condition, her chances for adoption are lessened. She will have to be on life long medication, annual to bi annual vet checks. Special diet. Gretchen appears happy and has a good appetite, but the stressfull kennel environment is less than perfect for this little doggy. Gretchen was rescued by Senior Dog Rescue!