Large Events Task Force 

The Online Public Comment Form is now available.  You can access it here, or by clicking on it below in the Forms section.  This form provides another opportunity for interested persons to provide input about Large Events at a Lane County Parks facility.


The Lane County Parks Large Events Task Force is charged with the responsibility of developing and recommending to the Board of Commissioners operational policies and standards to be applied in all Lane County Parks Special Event Contracts and to determine the appropriateness of such events throughout the Park System.



The County Administrator created the Task Force and appointed strategic and designated members who fulfill special or strategic interests as follows for a total membership of 14 individuals:


· Local tourism

· Lodging

· Lane County Parks Advisory  

·  Friends of Buford Park and Mt. 

· Mount Pisgah Arboretum

· Sheriff’s Mounted Posse

· Outdoor Events Industry

· Seavey Loop neighborhood 

·  Parks Annual Parking Pass   


Committee Members
John F. Helmer - Chair 
Jeff Gaulton - Vice Chair

Brad van Appel             Randy Hledik                    Mary Moore                Janis Ross
Larry Dunlap                 Anna Lawrence               Alan Murphy             Leslie Scott
Don Hansen                    Holly Stanley                    Bruce Newhouse     Dale Stoneburg

NEXT MEETING 9/3/2015- 6:00 p.m.
  Lane County Public Works
Customer Service Center -
Goodpasture Conference Room
3050 N Delta Highway, Eugene

General Meeting Format/Agenda:
6:00 - 6:10        Open/Welcome/Agenda Modifications
6:10 - 6:20    Public Comment
6:20 - 7:00        Minutes Adoption/Discussion Items/Action Items
7:00 - 7:10         Break
7:10 - 8:20        Discussion Items/Action Items
8:20 - 8:30    Public Comment

DRAFT Minutes of July 14, 2015 meeting

*Please note, minutes are posted only after adoption.  Minutes are adopted at each Task Force meeting for the previous month's business

 June 23, 2014  December 10, 2014  June 4, 2015
 July 9, 2014  January 14, 2015  June 10, 2015
 August 13, 2014  February 11, 2015  July 1, 2015
 September 10, 2014  March 11, 2015  July 14, 2015
 October 8, 2014  April 8, 2015  September 3, 2015
 November 12, 2014  May 13, 2015  September 10, 2015


1980 Lane County Parks Master Plan
1994 Howard Buford Recreation Area Master Plan

Howard Buford Recreation Area Deed
Event List and History - Entire Park System
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HBRA Net Revenue Report
Revenue Enhancement Options Report - Entire Park System
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Otani October 2014 Public Input Session Meeting Notes
Candidate Parks for Large Events List
Mattew Laird's LETF Meeting Notes
Expert Presenters' Background Information
University of Oregon Emerald Meadows Student Project Presentations
Large Events Compatible Parks Presentation
Candidate Parks Additional Event Venue Information/Considerations
Candidate Parks Net Revenue Summary Report
Online Survey Results through June 4, 2015
Link to Pre-Draft Public Comments on Parks Master Plan Update (series of links at bottom of page)
Oregon Public Meetings Law Information
2013-2017 Oregon Resident Outdoor Recreation Demand Analysis
June 3, 2015 Public Comments

NEW - Staff Analysis of LETF Report Draft 2 

    Technical Reports

Online Public Comment Form (print-from-home version)
Online Public Comment Form (submit online version)

This web page is intended to support the Task Force in its work and provide access of their work to the public. 

Please check back monthly for new updates.