Territorial Highway Corridor Plan 

The Territorial Highway Corridor Plan (Plan) will address safety for all users of a particularly dangerous section of Territorial Highway.  The Plan will focus on a 5.7 mile long section of the Highway that extends south from Gillespie Corners to Cottage Grove-Lorane Road.  This section is narrow and windy, and in poor condition; is used by trucks, cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians; and is a key transportation link to rural communities and forest, farming, and winery businesses.  The Plan will document the process of developing and selecting a preferred design alternative supported by the public.  The Plan will also include preliminary designs for the preferred design alternative.

Latest News

9/18/2014 - Project Update

At the June 16, 2014, open house, the project team received strong public support  to improve Territorial Highway to a 34-foot wide road that mostly maintains the existing road alignment; travel lanes will be widened, shoulders will be added, horizontal and vertical curves will be realigned, and new bridges will raise the road and eliminate repeat flood events.  Following the open house, the project team continued to develop this design and complete needed fieldwork, including geotechnical exploration at Stony Point and a  preliminary archeological survey.  In the coming months, the project team will continue the design development process, taking on such tasks as development of a stormwater management plan.  The project team will also complete additional geotechnical exploration at Stony Point, additional archeology survey work, and necessary documentation for environmental permitting. 


Thanks to the over 70 members of the public who provided letters of support for the County’s 2014 TIGER grant application for funding for construction of the proposed improvements.  The project team recently learned the grant application was not successful.  The grant application process was still a very productive experience.  The County’s robust grant application was favorably received and will be used for future grant applications.  Also, the grant application received significant federal level attention that will serve the project well as the project team continues to actively seek funding for construction.


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Planning Process
Lane County, in partnership with Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), will develop the Plan.  The planning process involves several steps from describing existing conditions to developing and selecting a preferred design alternative.  Public involvement in the planning process is critical to ensuring a successful outcome.  There will be a variety of opportunities for the public to provide input and participate in the planning process.  Following completion of the draft Plan, public hearings will be held before the Lane County Roads Advisory Committe (RAC) and the Lane County Board of Commissioners (Board).

The planning process is supported by a Transportation, Community, and System Preservation Program grant.  Lane County's successful grant application was supported by numerous stakeholders, including community members, emergency service providers, members of the bicycling community, and logging and trucking industries.  Private donors contributed $100,000 in local matching funds to support the planning process.

Participating in the Planning Process
The public involvement process will inform and obtain input from the public at key project milestones.  Public involvement actions and activities will include a stakeholder advisory committee, public open houses, and public hearings before the RAC and Board.  This project website will be regularly updated throughout the planning process.  To view the public open house schedule, exhibits and documents, click here.  To be added to our interested parties email list to receive notice of important events, provide your name and email address to Lydia McKinney.

Contact Information
For more information, please contact:
Lydia McKinney
(541) 682-6930