Lane County Transportation System Plan (TSP) 

The Lane County Transportation System Plan (TSP) is a 20-year planning document that provides greater clarity for planning and managing the County transportation system in terms of coordination with new development, targeted transportation improvements, fiscal management, and cooperation with local and state agencies on transportation issues.

Transportation System Plan (2004)

Main Document (Chapters 1-6)

1.  Lane County Base Map
2.  Lane Transit District
3.  Air, Rail, Water, and Pipelines
3a.  Air, Rail, Water, and Pipelines Inset  
4.  Functional Class Maps - Index & Subarea Maps 1-19 
5.  Project Maps 
    Map 5a    
    Map 5b
    Map 5c   

A.  Acronyms  
B.  County Roads Inventory
C.  Lane County Bicycle Map
D.  Detailed Level of Service Methodology  
E.1.  Public Involvement Plan  
E 2.  Summary of 1995 Public Comments
F.  Lane County General Plan Chart  
G.  Needs Assessment Data  
H.  Findings of Compliance with State Land Use Goals and County Comprehensive Plan  

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Transportation System Plan Update
Lane County is updating its TSP.  This planning process will evaluate how the transportation system is currently used and how it should change to meet the long-term (20-year) needs of Lane County’s residents, businesses, and visitors. The current TSP was adopted in 2004 and identified transportation improvements needed through the year 2020. Lane County is updating its TSP to identify transportation improvements needed through the year 2035. To learn more, click here.

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