Quamash Prairie Wetlands 

Lane County Waste Management is actively managing 86 acres of wetland mitigation at the 265-acre Quamash Prairie site located 5 miles south of the Eugene/Springfield metro area, near the Short Mountain Landfill.

View of Quamash Prairie wetlands at sunrise. 

Mitigation reduces the impact of a land use change by replacing valued natural landscapes, such as wetlands, somewhere else in the watershed. Wetlands are critical to our environment because they clean surface water, recharge ground water supplies, lessen the impacts of flooding, and provide wildlife habitat. 


 Aerial view of a portion of Quamash Prairie. (Credit: RaptorViews Philip Bayles, 2012)

Lane County Waste Management acquired the Quamash Prairie parcel in 2002 for mitigation. The site is located adjacent to approximately 150 acres of mature Oregon ash (Fraxinus latifolia) & Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana) bottomland forest that encompasses Camas Swale.


 View of students planting camas, a culturally important native wildflower.

The Quamash Prairie wetland mitigation site has been developed as an outdoor classroom, and provides education and service learning opportunities to regional students. The proximity of this outdoor classroom to the Short Mountain Landfill also allows for students to learn about the waste management industry and some of the services Lane County Public Works provides to the community.