Customer Newsletter 

Welcome to Lane County's transfer station customer newsletter, where you will find news and information related to waste, recycling, and reuse in and around our county. The newsletter is printed twice per year.


Please Note:  Because our rural sites have shifted to commingled recycling of some items, we will now be printing a Rural Edition and a Glenwood Edition.  The news content is the same in both, however the Recycle Poster is very different because the Rural Recycle Poster shows what can be commingled and the Glenwood Recycle Poster shows--no change; all materials are collected in separated bins at our Glenwood station.

NEW!  Each newsletter handed out to customers will contain a customer satisfaction survey.  We are seeking input from you, our customers.  For on-line access to this survey, simply click here

Fall Transfer News -Glenwood Edition
Fall Transfer News-Glenwood Recycling Instructions

Fall Transfer News- Rural Edition
Fall Transfer News-Rural Recycling Instructions

Archived Newsletter Issues

Spring 2016 Transfer News Glenwood Edition
Spring 2016 Glenwood Recycling Poster
Spring 2016 Transfer News Rural Edition
Spring 2016 Rural Edition Recycling Poster
Fall 2015 Glenwood Edition Transfer News
Fall 2015 Rural Edition Transfer News
Spring 2015 Transfer News
Spring 2015 Recycling Poster
Fall 2014 Transfer News
Fall 2014 Recycling Poster
Spring 2014 Transfer News
Fall 2013 Transfer News
Spring 2013 Transfer News
Fall 2012 Transfer News
Spring 2012 Transfer News
Fall 2011 Transfer News
Spring 2011 Transfer News