PLEASE NOTE: These items are banned from Oregon landfills:  
  * Tires
  * Auto Batteries
  * Motor Oil
  * Appliances
  * Sharps

Recycle these items at Glenwood, Cottage Grove, Florence, Oakridge, Veneta & Vida transfer stations:
  * Computers
  * Televisions 
  * Monitors 
  * Laptops

PLEASE NOTEIf you have residential chemicals to dispose of, call 541-682-3111 for a free appointment. 

If an item you wish to dispose of is not recyclable, try our Reuse Alternative ideas or the  Repair2Reuse guide
Recyclable Materials List 

  Click here to download a yes/no visual guide to what is recyclable at Lane County Sites.
Lane County is proud to provide recycling at all transfer sites. We keep each material type separate at our largest site- the Glenwood Central Receiving Station and the standard household recycling items are collected commingled  at the rural sites. 

Lane County Transfer Sites offer a $1 discount off garbage fees when you recycle 10 lbs or more.

It is very important to keep recycling clean and free of contaminants. If in doubt, keep it out!

Preparation instructions for materials collected at Lane County Transfer Stations are below. For your convenience, you may view this in a poster format.

Glenwood Recycling Poster
Rural Recycling Poster 

Another great resource is the Transfer News. Printed twice a year this newsletter is filled with great information. Click here to check it out.

Select a category of materials below to learn what can be recycled and how to
prepare it:


Commingled Paper, Cans and Plastics
Yard Debris and Wood Waste