Recycling Resources:
Lane County has some materials  available for use at multifamily communities within Lane County:

Posters, Decals and Signssee our resources page.

Contact our Waste Reduction Specialst for asssitance if your recovery system does not fit these materials at 541-682-4339.

or use these
Images for creating your own instruction and signage

Start a Multifamily Recycling Program 

The goal of Multifamily Recycling is to make
recycling easy for both managers and community residents.

  1. Be a motivated manager that is dedicated to having a successful on-site recycling program.
  2. Assess the layout of the facility for availavailable space to locate outdoor or indoor collection containers.Create a plan for the number and size of on-site collection containers you will need. Make space for a recycling container near every garbage. (This is crucial to the success of your recycling program!) You can also schedule a free on-site waste assessment by a Waste Reduction Specialist (541-862-4339) or get guidance to conduct your own.
  3. Call your hauler to gather information on the size and type of containers they have available. In most areas of the county your hauler can provide recycling containers and pick-up service at no additional cost to your current garbage service. Recycling and garbage collection days will vary by hauler and location. Determine the size and number of containers that will work best for your community and request these from your hauler.
  4. Display quality signage in the recycling areas and on collection containers
  5. Provide recycling info to all residents alerting them to the on-site recycling containers, why they should use them, and how to do so properly. You could also organize a community event, such as a potluck or presentation, to promote your new and improved recycling program. Speakers and presentations may be available.
  6. Monitor your program successes, problems, and contamination issues. Be flexible and make adjustments as necessary.
  7. Encourage your residents to recycle. Distribute recycling reminders twice a year, particularly during the holiday season, and as your program changes.
  8. Educate new residents of recycling oportunities on-site. Provide recycling brochures and instruction with their move-in paperwork. It is a good idea to require new residents sign a recycling agreement. Here's an example of Marion County's suggested recycle  contract.
  9. Provide guidance upon move-out to residents about proper disposal and donation opportunities in the local community.
  10. Sign a pledge and let your residents know of your commitment to provide onsite recycling opportunities.