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Junk Mail is a huge nuisance to a lot of Lane County citizens. 
A mail box full of mail, isn't necessarily a sign of goodwill, but rather a long list of companies trying to sell you something. Is unwanted mail a problem in the United States?

Let's do the math:       Mail shipped: 5.56 million tons 
                                 Mail recycled: 1.23 million tons (22%) 
                                 Mail tossed as garbage: 4.33 million tons

Nearly 32 pounds of paper and plastic going into the garbage for every woman, man and child in America?! That's a pretty sizeable "junked mail" problem!
source: Municipal Solid Waste in the United States: 1999 Facts and Figures, U.S. EPA (2001)

For information about how to reduce the unwanted mail, download our Reduce Junk Mail Brochure .