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Electronic Surveillance Program 
The Electronic Surveillance Program (ESP) is an alternative to being housed in the main jail. The program uses electronic transmitting and receiving devices and GPS technology to monitor the location of an inmate at specified times.

This program allows 50 to 90 pretrial and sentenced offenders, who are appropriate for this community based program, to serve their time at home while being monitored electronically through the use of an ankle bracelet. Individuals can then maintain family support, responsibly become involved in appropriate treatment, and continue employment while benefiting from the monitoring and supervision provided by the program.

Although the program is primarily for sentenced individuals, it also lends support to the State Pretrial Services Office by providing electronic monitoring of individuals approved for release pending resolution of their criminal court case.

An additional component of ESP, Juris Monitoring, provides electronic supervision of individuals involved in domestic abuse cases to prevent victims from receiving additional threats or victimization.