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Infrastructure Initial Damage Assessment Instructions 


This form is intended for local government officials or their agents during the Initial Damage Assessment (IDA) to record estimates of damage, costs, and impacts of the disaster on public infrastructure. The following categories of work shall be used:

Emergency Work Categories Permanent Work Categories
 "A" - Debris Removal  "C" - Roads & Bridges
 "B" - Protective measures  "D" - Water Control Facilities
   "E" - Public Buildings & Equipment
   "F" - Public Utility Systems
   "G" - Parks and Other


Developing a summary of the damage assessment may be easier later if each sheet ontains a single category of work. List the work performed, and public facilities damaged, as a direct result of the disaster. Estimate the cost of repair or restoration of damaged public facilities. Be sure to include both work that has been completed and that which has not.


For roads and bridges on the Federal Aid System, enter “FAS” instead of “C” under category of work ; likewise for debris removal and protective measures related to FAS facilities. Alternatively, FAS damage and costs can be listed on separate field data collection forms if the local jurisdiction wishes. Although FAS costs will not be a factor in determining a request for a Presidential declaration, it may be useful to assess and summarize these damages for inclusion in any requests to the FHwA for assistance.


Only private nonprofits (PNPs) providing the following types of government-like services to the general public should be included on this form: education, facilities, utilities, emergency or medical facilities, custodial care facilities, museums, zoos, community centers, libraries, homeless shelters, and senior citizen centers. All other PNPs should be treated as businesses for the purpose of damage assessment, and included on Individual Assistance damage assessment forms.


If a Presidential Disaster is declared, please be prepared to provide a detailed cost breakdown of personnel, equipment, materials, and supplies for all completed work.  Be prepared to describe which sites will be repaired or reconstructed by contract, and those that will be repaired by local forces. If a contractor's estimate has been received, you will need to have it available for inspectors. Dollar amount estimates of potential threats and routine maintenance should not be listed on the forms.