FAQ - General Information 

Where is the Sheriff’s Office located?  What are your hours?

We are located in the Lane County Courthouse at 125 E. 8th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon. 


To access the Sheriff’s Office Central Reception, your easiest access is on the Oak St. side of the building.  Central Reception is open to the public from 9am – 5pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Where can I find phone numbers for Lane County departments?


I’d like to donate money to the Posse, Marine Patrol, Search & Rescue – what method do I use?

I f you would like to donate funds to the Sheriff’s Office Mounted Posse, Marine Patrol, K9 Unit, or Search & Rescue – make the check or money order out to the team for which you are donating the funds, and mail it to:

Team Name (i.e. Mounted Posse, Marine Patrol, Search & Rescue, K9 Unit, etc.)

c/o Lane County Sheriff’s Office

125 E. 8th Avenue

Eugene, OR 97401 

Are you hiring?
Employment opportunities are posted on the Lane County Human Resources website.  

How prepared is Lane County for a major emergency or disaster?


Where can I get historical information or photographs from/about the Sheriff’s Office?

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office History website includes historical photographs and information on past Sheriffs, badges, vehicles, etc. 

Can I get a shoulder patch from the Sheriff’s Office?  Can I trade one?

The Sheriff’s Office does not sell or trade patches.  Present-day security concerns have resulted in strict enforcement of adopted policy that prevents distribution of patches. 

Who do I talk to about a Deputy or K9 attending our:  Neighborhood Watch, Safety Fair, Event?

For neighborhood watch, safety fair events, etc, contact Volunteer Coordinator, Sergeant Carrie Carver at
541-682-4179. To request a K9 demonstration, or attendance at your event, contact Sgt. Gordon Gill by email at Gordon.gill@co.lane.or.us.  Or call Sgt. Gill's voicemail at 541-682-4150 extension 9574 to leave a message.

I have an old cell phone that I’d like to donate to victims of crime – who do I contact?

Lane County Victim Services, through the District Attorney’s Office, accepts donated cell phones to provide to victims for emergency use.  Cell phones must be in working order, and include a charger and batteries capable of taking and holding a charge.  Phones that meet this criteria may be delivered or sent to: 

Victim Services

c/o Lane County District Attorney’s Office

125 E. 8th Avenue

Eugene OR  97401

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