Jail Records 
Requests for copies of your jail records or an inmate's records or a mug shot should be made in person at the Records window at 101 W 5th Avenue, Eugene.  This window is located just outside the main entrance to the Lane County Jail.  Please ask for a records request form and know that there is a fee for these requests.  The fees are based on the request and are explained on the records request form.  The Adult Corrections Public Records Request can be downloaded.

Jail Records (14 FTE)
  • processed 13,912 bookings which included:
    • 2,000 for Alternative Programs
    • 3,914 sentences inmates
    • 5,760 probable cause arrests
  • processed 13,599 releases which include inmates transported to other jurisdictions and facilities.
  • entered 896 No Contact Orders, cleared 810 Orders and are tracking 196 that are pending court action.
  • received 27,600 phone calls which include calls from the public, other law enforcement agencies and the Courts.
  • launched the public Jail Inmate Viewer which allows the public to view an inmate’s current and past lodgings.  Media requests are down approximately 50% because mug shots are now available through this website.
  • In October 2014, inmates are now being provided with debit cards at the time of their release for any remaining funds in their trust account.  Through April 2015, Jail Records has processed approximately 1,700 debit cards for inmates being released from custody.