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Civil Process Unit 

We assist customers on a first-come, first-serve basis. For your convenience, visit when you have sufficient time to wait in the event there are others already checked in for services. It is possible that we may stop offering CHL and fingerprinting services prior to 5 pm, depending upon the number of people checked in. Please keep this in mind when planning a time to come to the office for services.

The Civil unit is responsible for carrying out the duties imposed and mandated upon the Sheriff as an officer of the court system, and as required by law. The unit fulfills these responsibilities as it pertains to Forcible Entry and Detainer (FED) actions, Writs of Garnishment, Abuse Prevention Restraining Orders, Extraordinary Writs, Notice Process, Writs of Execution, Property Sales, and Criminal, Juvenile and Civil Subpoena service.

Civil Process Frequently Asked Questions
Civil Process Fee Schedule
How To File A Restraining Order
Real Property Sales - Current List



  1. Provide courteous, professional, public service.
  2. Process and serve subpoenas in criminal cases.
  3. Process and serve civil notice process.
  4. Serve criminal arrest warrants on subjects of interest in civil cases.
  5. Execute court ordered enforcement actions to include:
    • Seizure and sale of both real and personal property,
    • Forcible eviction of residential and commercial tenants,
    • Locating and recovering child victims of parental abductions.