Court Security / Transport Unit 
The Court Transportation unit provides mandated security for transporting and monitoring prisoners to and from the jail, courts, other jurisdictions, various medical appointments and other correctional institutions.  This unit assists in providing security throughout the courthouse, courtrooms, judges’ chambers and public areas during the course of normal business hours.

  The unit is also called upon to handle “counter contact,” at the reception area of the Sheriff’s Office, to assist with basic County Law Enforcement functions, to include investigations of crimes, warrant arrests and answering law enforcement-oriented questions from the public.  Court Transportation also serves as a training stage/introductory level for newer Deputies recently reassigned from the Corrections Division.


  • Provide the mandated service of prisoner transportation.
  • Prevent escapes and provide for the safety and protection of the general public.
  • Continue to assist the private security personnel and County Law Enforcement when necessary.
  • Provide introductory level of training for newly reassigned deputies.