Signs and Printed materials

Due to the current Recycling Markets Disruption,  changes to recycling programs in Lane County have occurred.  Schools, Businesses and others who want to be sure they are Recycling it Right can use these to re-label their indoor collection bins.   (they will be updated as needed) 

We recommend you confirm with your collection service provider to ensure you are using the signs that match the program instructions. 

Also Note: it is simply not possible to provide image or name for all items that do not belong in recycling.  
The YES categories are accurate and should be interpreted as "these and nothing else"  
The NO  items are a guide based on commonly asked questions but cannot be all inclusive.

2018 Update- there are 4 different collection instructions in Lane County, depending upon where you live and if its collected at the curb or you take it directly to transfer station:

Rural communities Commingled Recycling Image sign with Yes/No 

Florence/Dune City/Mapleton
and Rural Sanipac Services.

Commingled Recycling Image sign with Yes/No 

Lane County Rural Transfer Stations
 Commingled Recycling sign with Yes/No

Glenwood Central Receiving Station collects each material segregated by commodity or material type.  Print only the pages that reflect what you want to collect from your facility.

If you have special needs or requests for improving recycling in your school or business,  contact us at 541-682-4339.

Info Brochures
Do you wish people understood recycling better?  If you want to help get the word out that recycling paint, or electronics, or light bulbs, is so easy!  We've got a brochure for that--click the dropdown button below for a list of available brochures.  

Master Recyclers, Teachers, and responsible community members that wish to educate and support their community with recycling and waste preventing information are welcome contact us to order any quantity of the below printed resources.

Master Recycler Program Coordinator - 541-682-2059
Waste Reduction Specialist - 541-682-4339

Order These - we can supply as available

The Transfer News, and School Newsletter, are available forimage other distributions to educate the community.

A one-page Recycling News
for the Community is also

Labeling supplies - Stickers
image of decals

 Adhesive Stickers  8 in. x 10 in.  for instructional sign at Instruction Decal imagecollection point.  (existing stock ordered prior to 2018 changes-corrections can be made by hand)

To order, contact us by email or by calling 541-682-4339


Make-your-own Signs
Check out this option to drag and drop the specific materials you want to collect and make your own signs for a specific project.