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Lane County Response Plan


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Lane County Current Reopening Status:


Lane County is in Phase 2 of Governor Kate Brown’s reopening plan for Oregon. 
Phase 2 began for Lane County on Friday, June 5. 

Oregon Reopening Status By County 
Oregon Data Table - County Indicators 


Who sets reopening critera?

The types of restrictions that are relaxed in each Phase, and by how much, are determined by the State. Counties are responsible for demonstrating that local systems (private and public) are in place to continue providing a public health response to COVID-19.

It is important to remember that parts of the Governor’s plan may change and that may require changes to our plan in Lane County.
The Governor's website provides detailed guidance for operations during each phase.

What is the criteria for staying open?

Criteria for reopening and staying open is set by the Governor. 

These criteria take into account the number of new cases, personal protective equipment supplies for medical professionals, and capacity to test for and track the disease.

The state has a website with detailed reporting on the criteria and each county's status.

State County Status Data Table

Where can I find detailed guidance?

The Governor's Office has provided guidance for a range of businesses, services and recreational activities.

Please check the Governor's website at for regular updates.

What could cause Lane County to move backwards?

It’s important to keep in mind that our ability to remain in our current phase depends upon every resident actively participating in keeping themselves healthy and continuing to make smart choices.

We need our community to continue practicing physical distancing, to wear face coverings, limit non-essential trips, and avoid gatherings.

We also need our community to isolate themselves if they are ill and not risk exposing others to disease - COVID-19 or otherwise.

By taking steps to maintain the health of individuals, we can support the health of our entire community and progress more quickly through the phases of reopening. 

The state's county status page shows current status including counties on the watch list to move backward.

Oregon County Reopening Status

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