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Lane County Public Health is working closely with the Oregon Health Authority to monitor COVID‑19 vaccine development and distribution. 

Covid-19 Vaccine Town Hall Panel Members

If you missed the Town Hall on January 21, 2021, you can hear from experts and stakeholders about the current situation and the plan to vaccinate Lane County by watching the recording.

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Vaccine Phase 1, groups 1-4


We appreciate your patience as we review the change in guidance announced by the Governor on January 15.

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The information provided below is subject to change due to ongoing evaluation and following guidance from the Oregon Health Authority.

Guiding Principles:

Lane County Public Health (LCPH) has experience with large-scale vaccine distribution (H1N1, the UO meningitis outbreak). Though the situation with COVID-19 is different, we are focusing on efficiency, equity, and flexibility as we refine our standing plan for vaccine delivery. COVID-19 vaccine information flows from federal to state to local public health agencies and other community providers.  LCPH is collaborating with provider partners to gain situational awareness and determine where there are gaps in vaccination access in the region. We will follow guidance as it evolves from the Oregon Health Authority for a phased rollout for vaccine distribution and will provide regular updates on vaccine distribution as information becomes available.

How is it determined who gets the vaccine and when?

The federal and state governments are in charge of 1) establishing the rules/priorities for who gets vaccinated, and 2) distributing the vaccines to local agencies. The local agencies (health care, hospitals, EMS, pharmacies, local public health, etc) are responsible for administering the vaccinations to people in the established sequence and with the supplies they receive.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The federal government is distributing vaccines to states. Vaccines are ordered through the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC).
  2. State governments receive the vaccines and establish the priorities and phases of implementation (with some guidance from the CDC). States decide weekly which local agencies will receive distributions based on the federal/state supply (in Lane County it’s several agencies: PeaceHealth, McKenzie Willamette, Eugene-Springfield Fire, Lane County Public Health, local pharmacies, etc). The State of Oregon is currently receiving approximately 30,000 doses of vaccine each week, for the entire state. Lane County is approximately 10 percent of the state population, so while the state has not provided us a guarantee of the amounts it will provide to our community, just based on population we could expect to receive approximately 3,000 doses of vaccine to our community each week. At this time, we don’t have enough supply from the federal/state governments to meet the demand in our local community.
  3. Local agencies (qualified and registered) request vaccines from the state Oregon Health Authority on a weekly basis. Lane County and other local agencies, such as PeaceHealth, McKenzie-Willamette, Eugene-Springfield Fire, Nova, Walgreens, CVS, etc have received doses of both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Lane County is working with all of these partners, as well as the UO, K-12 schools, community-based service providers, etc. to ready our plans for when more supply becomes available. 


This information was last updated on January 19, 2021.

Phase 1A, Group 1

  • Who: Hospitals; urgent care; skilled nursing and memory care facility HCP and residents; tribal health programs; EMS providers and other first responders; all health care interpreters and traditional health workers in any setting within phase 1A.

  • Distribution Mechanism: Directly from employer; pharmacy chains providing vaccine to LTCF under federal contract and McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center and PeaceHealth partnerships.

  • Notification Mechanism: EMS and first responders through cooperative relationships among local agencies; Tribal health programs directly from OHA. MWMC and PeaceHealth will be working with area health care clinic to schedule and coordinate their vaccination process.

Phase 1A, Group 2

  • Who: Other LTCFs and congregate care sites including HCP and residents; all staff and contractors,  hospice programs; mobile crisis care and related services; secure transport; individuals working in a correctional setting; adult foster care, group homes for intellectual and developmental disabilities; other similar congregate care sites; individuals working in a correctional setting

  • Distribution Mechanism: Directly through residential facilities; clinics for other categories (hospice, mobile crisis care & related services, secure transport) as needed
  • Notification Mechanism: LCPH is currently reaching out to enroll individuals, identifying where the gaps are through pharmacy distribution

Phase 1A, Group 3

  • Who: Outpatient settings serving specific high-risk groups; in home care; day treatment services; non-emergency medical transport (NEMT), caregivers of medically fragile children or adults who live at home; adults and age-eligible children who have a medical condition or disability who receive services in their homes

  • Distribution Mechanism: Directly through their workplace, a group specific designated vaccination site or the Public Health mobile team

  • Notification Mechanism: LCPH is currently reaching out to enroll individuals

Phase 1A, Group 4

  • Who: Healthcare providers in other outpatient, healthcare workers who provide direct service to people with I/DD and other high-risk populations; other public health settings, such as those serving WIC, or CBO's with direct or indirect exposures

  • Distribution Mechanism: Ad hoc clinics set up with providers, workplace vaccination, a group specific designated vaccination site or the Public Health mobile team

  • Notification Mechanism: Outreach will be through existing LCPH channels, HAN notification, and in partnership with professional organizations

Phase 1B


  • Group 1: Childcare providers, early learning and K-12 educators and staff (starting 1/25/21)
  • Group 2: People 80 and older (starting 2/8/21)
  • Group 3: People 75 and older (date TBD)
  • Group 4: People 70 and older (date TBD)
  • Group 5: People 65 and older (date TBD)

Phase 1B (cont.), 1C and Phase 2

Who: Critical workers in high-risk settings - workers who are in industries essential to the function of society and substantially higher risk exposure.

  • People of all ages with underlying conditions that put them at moderately higher risk.
  • People in prisons, jails, detention centers, and similar facilities, and staff who work in such settings.
  • All older adults not included in Group 1A.
  • General population

Distribution Mechanisms

  1. Large Healthcare Organizations/Providers enroll with state, who then receive the vaccine directly for distribution among their staff and affiliates

  2. Large pharmacy chains (CVS, Walgreens and Consonus) providing vaccinations to long-term care facility staff and residents under federal contract

  3. The State provides vaccines to LCPH for distribution to groups as identified in the vaccine phases issued by the Oregon Health Authority
  1. Healthcare provider clinics
  2. Pop-up clinics
  3. Vaccine delivery strike teams going to facilities such as long term care facilities (LTCF) group housing, foster homes, group homes, etc.

McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center and PeaceHealth, will be scheduling and vaccinating high-priority, frontline healthcare professionals. This partnership will greatly expedite the overall effort to vaccinate the more than 26,000 Lane County healthcare providers who are eligible under Phase 1A. The hospital groups will be reaching out to the many healthcare clinics in the county to schedule and coordinate their vaccination process.

Eugene Pediatrics, Oregon Medical Group, and WhiteBird have all graciously agreed to donate their facilities and staff to help vaccinate Lane County’s diverse group of healthcare providers. This process will begin with Lane County Public Health providing doses to vaccinate the staff of those clinics. 

Following the effort to vaccinate the staff of these provider groups, information regarding the date, time, and location of clinics where other local healthcare professionals can receive vaccinations will be released via a Health Alert Network notification. 


Objectives in Planning Phase

  1. Identifying health equity targets and resources for vaccine delivery to at-risk populations and communities of color.

  2. Creation of a flyer for people to sign up to volunteer at vaccination events.

  3. Partnering with community organizations to utilize their staff, volunteers and resources to establish Centralize Closed Points of Vaccination, general vaccination clinics, drive-thru clinics, etc.


Oregon Health Authority Vaccine Website

The OHA site includes:

  • Information on vaccine development
  • Information on vaccine safety & efficacy
  • State COVID-19 Vaccination data and plans for vaccine prioritization and phased distribution
  • Provider tools

COVID-19 Information -

Resources regarding case counts, vaccines and more (Español tambien).