COVID-19 Vaccine Data


MARCH 2 @ 8:00 (+ since 3/1)

Total persons fully vaccinated: 22,397 (+192)
Total persons received first dose only: 33,824  
Total doses administered: 79,316

Percentage of Lane County population fully vaccinated: 5.87%

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 Lane County Public Health COVID-19 Vaccine Allocations

Week Eligible Phases/Groups # of Doses
Jan. 4 Phase 1A - all groups 1,200
Jan. 11 Phase 1A - all groups 100
Jan. 18 Phase 1A - all groups
Phase 1A - Group 2
Jan. 25 Phase 1A - all groups
Phase 1B - Group 1
Feb. 1 Phase 1A - all groups
Phase 1B - Group 1
Feb. 8 Phase 1A - all groups
Phase 1B - Group 1
Phase 1B - Group 2, wave 1
Feb. 15 Booster (2nd) Doses
Phase 1A - all groups
Phase 1B - Group 1
Phase 1B - Groups 2 & 3
Feb. 22 Booster (2nd) Doses
Phase 1A - all groups
Phase 1 B - Groups 1-4
Mar. 1 Booster (2nd) Doses
Phases 1A & 1B -Groups 1-5


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Allocation/Distribution Data Notes

1) The above data set only reflects allocation by week which has been shipped directly to and received by LCPH. Other vaccine doses have been allocated to partner agencies directly from the State and they have been actively vaccinating as part of the greater Lane County vaccination effort. While those partner agencies’ allocation numbers are not reflected on the website, they are reflected in the overall doses administered. 

2) We have, and likely will continue to, receive doses from partner agencies. For instance, during the week we received only 100 doses, McKenzie Willamette transferred doses to LCPH so that we could begin vaccinating groups 2-3. These remastered will not be reflected in our allocation numbers because, strictly speaking, they were not allocated directly to LCPH from the State.

3) Data entry of doses administered is moving at different rates for different organizations. One organization may enter the doses they have administered as they administer them whereas other agencies may do data entry after the fact. That time lag will often result in a discrepancy between the doses allocated and doses administered. 

4) We often report out our allocation numbers before we have actually received the doses. For instance, this week we reported that we were receiving 500 1A prime and 1,700 1B prime on Tuesday but didn’t receive the vaccine until the following day. It then had to be transferred to the vaccine distribution points, and vaccinations began after that. If you were tracking allocations vs administrations on Tuesday, it would have appeared as though there were several thousand doses of unused vaccine in Lane County that week when, in fact, it was in transfer.


Population estimates by Phase/Group

Phase 1A - All groups: 40,000 Lane County Residents

Phase 1B - Group 1:  10,000 Lane County Residents
Phase 1B - Groups 2-5: 55,000 Lane County Residents

Estimated population of Lane County is 380,000.

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Oregon Health Authority Vaccine Data 

The OHA data includes a tab for information by county including rate per 10,000.

COVID-19 Information -

Resources regarding case counts, vaccines and more (Español tambien).