Old Hazeldell Quarry Remand 509-PA20-05535

Lane County Land Management Division received a request to process a remand. A remand sets the request before the Lane County Board of Commissioners for further action limited to issues in the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) decision. The Board will accept testimony and evidence on the remanded issues summarized below:

1.     Provision of notice to the Department of Land Conservation and Development of alteration to a proposed comprehensive plan change,

2.   Scope of acreage being added to the Inventory,

3.   Consideration of conflicts with Big Game Range as an Inventoried Statewide Planning Goal 5 Resource pursuant to OAR 660-023-0180(5)(b), and

4.   The need to address conflicts pursuant to OAR 660-023-0180(5)(b) caused by off-site discharges relating to:

A.   Silica Dust

B.   Air Pollutant Dispersion Modeling

C.   Net Air Quality Benefit/Emission Offsets

D.   Airblast and Ground Vibrations

E.   Groundwater Impacts,

5.   Whether the County’s decision to designate and zone 61 acres NR:M and QM:RCP improperly construes the Lane County Code,

6.   Challenges made with findings of compliance with OAR 660-023-0180(5)(b)(D) and whether those findings are inconsistent with other findings to demonstrate compliance with LC 16.257(4) Site Review, and

7.   Whether the County improperly construed OAR 660-023-0180(5)(b)(D) in failing to evaluate all conflict with Big Game, in failing to conduct an ESEE for the conflicts that aren’t minimized, and in failing to impose conditions to minimize the displacement that will occur from the mining activity.

Evidentiary hearings were conducted on April 20, 2021 and May 4, 2021, where the Board moved to close the public hearing, but kept the record open for additional testimony regarding the remanded issues for the following dates:

·         May 18, 2021, any party may submit additional testimony,

·         June 1, 2021, any party may respond to new testimony,

·         June 8, 2021, applicant’s final rebuttal

After each close of the record, staff will upload the items received for the public to view at this webpage.

The Board will deliberate on this matter on August 3, 2021, virtually on Webinar at 1:30 p.m. You may register to view the webinar by visiting the Board’s Agenda webpage at https://lanecounty.org/cms/one.aspx?pageId=4082662 a few days prior to the meeting. Note, a supplemental staff report for the Board will be issued and available to review approximately 5 days prior to deliberations on this project webpage and also available on the Boards Agenda webpage at link https://lanecounty.org/cms/one.aspx?pageId=4082662 .

Please submit additional testimony regarding the remand items to Planning staff processing this remand:

Deanna Wright, Associate Planner 
Deanna.Wright@lanecountyor.gov (email is preferable)
3050 N. Delta Hwy.
Eugene, OR. 97408