County Performance Auditor

Casey Crear

Casey Crear, PhD

County Performance Auditor
125 East 8th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401

Audit Released: Report No. 2017-03

The County Performance Auditor’s Office conducts audits to help improve the performance, accountability, and transparency of Lane County government.  

To fulfill this mission, we conduct performance audits to provide relevant timely analysis and information so the county can continuously improve its services and build public trust.

The County Performance Auditor reports directly to the Board of County Commissioners. The Performance Audit Committee provides oversight and was established to promote the independence of the performance audit function.

Auditing Standards

The County Performance Auditor follows Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards.

Strategic Objectives

  • Work to improve county government service and performance by focusing audit work on areas of high risk and high impact
  • Audit with a performance management framework
  • Work with management to improve functions and processes, and strengthen internal controls
  • Build public trust by informing Lane County citizens of the results of our efforts to improve county government
  • Deter and address fraud and theft of county resources through a fraud, waste, and abuse hotline

What is Performance Auditing?

Performance audit refers to an independent and objective analysis of a program, function, operation or the management systems of a governmental entity to assess whether the entity is achieving economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in providing services using available resources.