Residential Re-Entry Center (RRC)

The Residential Reentry Center (RRC) is located adjacent to the Main Jail at 75 West 5th Avenue in Eugene. The original facility was opened in 1986 with 32 beds. The facility currently houses 39 offenders. The center can be reached by telephone at 541-682-2297.

Inmates participating in programs at the RRC learn skills that will assist them in securing employment or attending school. This training includes preparing resumes, practicing interview techniques, completing employment and school admission applications.

Once placed at the RRC, participants are required to obtain reasonable employment. They are also responsible for meeting financial responsibilities which include paying a fee that covers the cost of staying at RRC, paying court ordered restitution such as alimony or child support, and paying any other debts.

RRC participants may be required to attend alcohol, drug or other treatment programs. to work with a RRC staff person to follow specific program objectives, and to maintain contact with a Parole and Probation Officer. Program participants may also participate in appropriate educational programs that may benefit them.

It is the goal of the Residential Reentry Center to reduce recidivism through assisting participants through addressing criminogenic needs and in transitioning back into the community with both gainful employment and the skills to maintain a clean, sober and productive lifestyle.

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