May 15, 2018 Primary Election

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Important Dates
9/07/2017  First day to file for candidacy  
2/01/2018  First day to file for precinct committeeperson  
3/06/2018 Candidate filing deadline  
3/15/2018 5pm measure filing deadline  
3/30/2018 Out-of-country and military ballots mailed  
4/16/2018  Out-of-state ballots mailed  
4/24/2018 Voter registration deadline  
4/26/2018 Ballots mailed; official drop sites open  
5/15/2018 Election Day  
6/04/2018 Last day for county clerk to certify election

County Office Instruction Packets

County Candidate Filings

Unopposed candidate moves forward to General Election
per Lane County Charter
4 Year Term                                                  Michael Cowles   

West Commissioner - Position 1
4 Year Term                                                  Jay Bozievich         
4 Year Term  Nora Kent
4 Year Term  Beverly Hills

Candidate Withdrawn:  David E Goldberg                              

Springfield Commissioner - Position 2
4 Year Term Sid Leiken              
4 Year Term Joe Berney

East Commissioner - Position 5
4 Year Term                                                  Heather Buch        
4 Year Term Kevin Matthews
4 Year Term Gary Williams 
4 Year Term Frank King
4 Year Term James Barber
4 Year Term Tim Laue

Measure Filings

Measure      District                    Ballot Title Caption YES
20-283 City of Eugene Amends Charter: establishes office, duties of independent elected City Auditor. 17,999  
20-284 Coburg RFPD Five-year local option tax for operations and capital projects. 551 233 Passed
20-285 Mohawk Valley Rural Fire District Authorizes General Obligation Bond to Improve Safety and Service Delivery 758 406 Passed
20-286 McKenzie Fire & Rescue Replace 10-Year Levy with a 5-year Operation Levy       1,533 617 Passed
20-287 City of Eugene Amends Charter: Establishes Council-appointed performance auditor, audit review board 9,419 28,659 Failed
20-288 * City of Eugene Five-Year Parks and Recreation Operations and Maintenance Local Option Levy
* See Lane County Circuit Court Order on file at Lane County Elections
26,020 13,478 Passed
20-289 City of Eugene Bonds to Fund Parks and Recreation Facility Projects              24,821 14,553 Passed

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