Is it recyclable and where? ASK the Garbage Guru

Thank you for visiting the Garbage Guru. 

Please help spread the word that not everything is recyclable. 

Putting things in the recycling because we WANT to recycle it or because we think it SHOULD be recyclable is causing serious damage to an otherwise successful recycling industry that creates jobs and reduces pollution.   

Recycle it Right, or not at all.  
If in doubt, find out ask the Garbage Guru to!

Here's How To use the Garbage Guru: Just type in the item you are puzzling over and click the option that fits your needs.  If you click "search" for a waste item that does not appear on the Garbage Guru,  you will be given option to suggest the item be added to the database.

To put this on your phone like an app, just "save to home screen"