Hazardous Materials Spill

What To Do during a Hazardous Materials Incident

If you suspect that there has been some type of chemical release in your area:

- Listen to radio or TV emergency broadcasts and follow instructions given

- Bring family and pets inside

- Change clothes; leave old clothes and shoes outside

- Close ALL doors and windows

- Do not eat or drink anything uncovered

How to Shelter-in-Place

- Bring pets and family members inside

- Close and lock all exterior doors and windows.  Close vents, fireplace dampers and as many interior doors as possible.

- Turn off air conditioners and ventilation systems.  In large buildings, set ventilation systems to 100 percent re-circulation so that no outside air is drawn into the building.  If this is not possible, ventilation systems should be turned off.

- Go into the pre-selected shelter room with your emergency supply kit.  This room should be above ground and have the fewest openings to the outside.

- Seal gaps under doorways and windows with wet towels or plastic sheeting and duct tape.

- Seal gaps around window and air conditioning units, bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans, and stove and dryer vents with duct tape and plastic sheeting, wax paper or aluminum wrap.

- Use material to fill cracks and holes in the room, such as those around pipes.

- If gas or vapors could have entered the building, take shallow breaths through a cloth or a towel.  Avoid eating and drinking any food that may be contaminated.