Stormwater Spill Clean-up and Reporting

We all have to work together to maintain healthy water quality in our County. Stormwater runoff can contribute to a variety of pollutants, including pathogens, nutrients, and various toxic pollutants, that threaten our community's waterways.
Detection and response to illicit discharge in a timely manner is critical to reducing pollutants from entering our water resources. This page defines what illicit discharges are and provides links for reporting them to us. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and DEQ defines an illicit (or illegal) discharge as any discharge into a storm drain system that is not comprised entirely of stormwater. Illicit discharges can happen when pollutants are poured directly into a storm drain, ditch or stream, as well as when pollutants are left out on the ground and picked up by runoff

Examples of Illicit Discharges:

  • Septic, sewage, dumping or disposal of liquids or materials other than stormwater

  • Discharges of washwater resulting from the hosing or cleaning of gas stations, auto repair garages, or other types of automotive service facilities

  • Discharges  resulting form the cleaning, repair, or maintenance of any type of equipment, machinery, or facility, including motor vehicles, cement-related equipment, and port-a-potty servicing, etc.

  • Discharges of washwater from mobile operations such as mobile automobile or truck washing, steam cleaning, power washing, carpet cleaning, etc.

  • Discharges of washwater from the cleaning or hosing of impervious surfaces in municipal, commercial, or residential areas (including parking lots, streets, sidewalks, driveways, patios, plazas, work yards and outdoor eating/drinking areas, etc.) where detergents are used and spills or leaks of toxic or hazardous materials have occurred (unless all spilled material has been removed)

  • Discharges or runoff from material storage areas that contain chemicals, fuels, grease, oil, or other hazardous materials

  • Discharges of pool or fountain water containing chlorine, biocides, or other chemicals including discharges of filter backwash water

  • Discharges of sediment, unhardended concrete, pet waste, vegetation clippings, or other landscape or construction-related wastes

  • Discharges of trash, paints, stains, resins, or other household hazardous wastes

  • Discharges of food-related wastes (grease, restaurant kitchen mat and trash bin washwater, etc.)    

Please report Illicit Discharges immediately to the County:
       Between 9:00am - 4:00pm, Monday through Friday,
       call 541-682-6900.
       After hours, call 541-682-4150