Parks Funding Task Force

Lane County Parks is beginning the new process to fulfill the goals of the recently adopted Master Plan by exploring the challenges and opportunities associated with Parks funding. Lane County Parks does not receive funding from property taxes and currently relies primarily on the fees that visitors pay for parking passes, campsites or other reservations.


The Lane County Parks Funding Task Force will research and recommend dedicated funding options that will ensure long-term financial stability for Lane County Parks.  These recommendations will be forwarded to the commissioners for their sincere and thoughtful consideration and possible implementation.Task Force members will include representatives from recreation and environmental groups, as well as Lane County residents.


The Task Force will meet a minimum of eight (8) times between January 2020 and November 2021 to review and evaluate funding priorities and alternatives, community survey results, and formulate recommendations.

Meeting Location & Time
GoToMeeting (All meetings will be virtual)
6:00 pm

Meeting Schedule:
May 6, 2021                  Agenda      Video        Summary    
March 25, 2021             Agenda      Video        Summary      FCA     Survey
February 25, 2021         Agenda      Video        Summary
January 21, 2021           Agenda      Video        Summary
November 19, 2020       Agenda      Video        Summary
October 22, 2020           Agenda      Video        Summary     
                                       Coconino County Cost Recovery Model
                                       WPRD Cost Recovery Model
September 23, 2020      Agenda        Video       Summary    
April 1, 2020                  Agenda        Audio       Summary     CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19
February 5, 2020           Agenda        Audio       Summary     Presentation

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