Lane County announces new “Eat Smart, Waste Less” campaign

Lane County announces new “Eat Smart, Waste Less” campaign
Posted on 01/23/2020

Lane County Waste Management has introduced a new Eat Smart, Waste Less campaign for Lane County households. The campaign is aimed at increasing the understanding of environmental impact of wasted food and ways households can help solve the problem and save money.


“We are committed to food waste prevention programs that educate residents about the environmental benefits of food waste prevention, as well as the cost savings,” said Jeff Orlandini, Waste Management Division manager.


Food is the single largest category of garbage in Lane County, representing 46,000 tons or 18 percent of what is thrown away. Additionally, 20 to 30 percent of what is thrown away and sent to landfills could have been eaten. Meanwhile, one in five Lane County residents are food insecure. Food waste creates significant amounts of methane in landfills, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 100-year period. Focusing on eating the food we buy is one of the easiest ways we can reduce our environmental impact.


The Eat Smart, Waste Less website provides tips and strategies about menu planning, food purchasing, cross utilization of food, storage and preparation practices all aimed at preventing wasted food and related costs. In the future, the campaign will host local workshops focused on educating residents about better ways to use the food we buy.


“An outrageous amount of food is wasted yet, at the same time, many of our residents are in need,” said Angie Marzano, waste reduction specialist at Lane County. “Making the most of our food supply has wide-reaching benefits – helping to feed people, saving money, water and energy in one fell swoop. The Eat Smart, Waste Less campaign offers a critical first step in educating households about the real carbon savings of eating the food we buy.”


Eat Smart, Waste Less is a collaboration among Lane County and its Portland-Metro area partners. The program mirrors the original Eat Smart, Waste Less campaign, so that the tips and information we provide are consistent statewide. For information about this program, visit


Lane County Waste Management staff will be featuring the Eat Smart, Waste Less campaign at the upcoming 15th Annual Good Earth Home, Garden & Living Show at the Lane Events Center in booth #332.