Limited reopening of Howard Buford Recreation Area (Mt. Pisgah) on Saturday

Limited reopening of Howard Buford Recreation Area (Mt. Pisgah) on Saturday
Posted on 03/15/2019

Howard Buford Recreation Area, also called Mt. Pisgah, will reopen nearly 20 miles of trail to the public on Saturday, March 16. Please see the attached map for the status of each trail.


Closed trails: While many miles of trails are open, including most trails within the Arboretum, some trails are still closed due to significant hazards, including, but not limited to Trail 4 and parts of Trails 3, 5 and 2; these areas have been signed. Please respect these temporary trail closures.


Open trails: Trail 1 (the Summit Trail), Trails 6, 7, and 17 and the Riverbank Trail are open. It is possible to hike to the summit from all three trailheads, though due to some trail closures, hikers may find themselves taking a different route than their usual.


Look up: Please be aware that some hazards still exist, such as hanging limbs, so look up as well as down.


“We are glad to be able to reopen large areas of the park,” said Lane County Parks Manager Brett Henry. “It is one of our most popular parks and we know many people are looking forward to getting outside to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend. We have marked the trails that have not yet been cleared and ask that visitors respect those trail closures.”


The park was heavily damaged in the recent snowstorm and Lane County Parks, Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah, Mount Pisgah Arboretum and volunteers, including the High Cascades Forest Volunteers, have been working to address hazards and clear trails.


“Our stewardship crew and volunteers have worked diligently the last three weeks to survey and report trail conditions, identify hazards, and clear downed trees and limbs in the trail bed and to remove branches suspended in the canopy above,” said Jason Blazar, stewardship director for Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah. “There is more work to do and as a result select trails will remain closed. It is important for folks to stay on the designated trails as hazards are abundant in the adjacent forests and woodlands. We look forward to the park reopening and to resuming our normal springtime stewardship activities.”