Snowstorm Community Resources

Lane County Emergency Management has been working closely with other public agencies and partners to evaluate and respond to emergency needs.

The following is an information update from the Lane County Emergency Operations Center to help residents access resources. It will be updated regularly. 


Safety Reminders:
  • Check on neighbors, friends, family, and outdoor animals to make sure they have the resources they need to be safe during this winter event (heat, food, water, medical and animal needs).
  • Be cautious when removing tree debris from your driveways and/or homes or other structures – unstable debris can create a safety hazard while removing. Try to work with more than one person or make sure someone knows you are outside and have a time to check in.
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Generators or other devices powered by fuel that cause fumes should be placed outside the house to ensure safety. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that often goes undetected, striking victims caught off guard or in their sleep. The National Safety Council recommends you install a battery-operated carbon monoxide detector in your home near the bedrooms.
  • If you are choosing to leave your home during a power outage be sure to turn off all major appliances especially any items on a stove or heating device. When the power is restored the heating device stove will reheat and possibly become a fire hazard.

Weather Update

The National Weather Service is the best resource to receive up to date information on current or forecasted weather conditions:

Download the FEMA mobile app for weather alerts:

Power Update

The most up-to-date information is available directly through your power service provider (see contact information on the last page of this update). General estimates are up to 7­-10 days in outlying areas.


If your home remains without power and your neighbors appear to have power restored, try to reset your breakers by switching them OFF and then ON. If resetting the breakers doesn’t work, the service line between a transformer and your residence may need to be repaired.  Please look for damaged service lines or damaged meters to determine whether you may need to make repairs before power can be restored to your home. Always call to report an outage to help line crews isolate these local issues.


3/7 Updates from Utilities:

  • EWEB – ~100 without service (update from 3/5)
  • EPUD – <400 without service in Creswell, Saginaw, Cottage Grove, Dexter, Pleasant Hill and Jasper
  • Lane Electric – 971 without service; 90.3% restored; believe majority will have power restored by Thursday, March 7


Shelters and Warming Centers






Pets/Other Info




McKenzie Fire Training Center - Hwy 126, MP 20

42870 McKenzie Highway, Leaburg, OR 97489


No pets



Lowell Fire Station

389 N. Pioneer Street, Lowell



Road Closures/Limited Access/Detours

All county roads have been made passable unless there are downed power lines still blocking the right-of-way. Crews have begun de-icing Priority 1 routes in anticipation of freezing temperatures. Drivers should still exercise caution; conditions may still be icy or slippery. 

View the 
Lane County Ice and Snow Removal Plan at

  • Highway 58:
    • Reopened for public access at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, March 1.

  • Limited Access:
    • Many private roads or special district roads have not yet been cleared, use caution in these areas.

  • Detours: None reported at this time.

Road Updates:

  • State Highways, or 511
  • County Roads – check the county website – we will post the information to this update report
  • Special District – currently special road districts do not have a centralized way to report their closures – Lane County will post information as they receive it.

Boil Water Notices

(1)    Homestead Park [Creswell] (35 people)

(2)    Cerro Gordo Cooperative [Cottage Grove] (20 people)

Health and Medical Resources

If you have a non-emergency medical supply need (meds, oxygen, supplies) contact your primary care provider/supplier first. If this is a medical emergency call 911.

Food and Water Resources

If you are experiencing a long term power outage be mindful of food safety issues, refrigerator and freezer temperatures.

If you are returning home after a long term power outage (more than 2 days) you need a way to verify if the items in your refrigerator/freezer maintained appropriate temperatures before cooking/eating them. Frozen foods at or below 0°F and refrigerators at or below 40°F may be considered safe.

Animal Resources







West Eugene Kennels

87309 Central Rd, Eugene, 97402

(541) 505-6597


Hidden Hill Kennels

21624 Glaze Rd, Veneta 97487

(541) 935-2014


Klassic Tails Inn Kennel

90010 Knight Rd, Elmira 97437

(541) 935-1180


Brownings Dog Ranch – Tails Inn

28794 Hillaire St, Eugene 97402

(541) 688-8276



Wilamette Valley Dog And Cat Motel

28438 Bodenhamer Rd, Eugene 97402

(541) 688-0978


Linda’s Kitty Inn

Eugene, 97402

(541) 520-0005



Catmandu Retreat

215 Hileman Ln, Eugene 97404

(541) 913-5980


Kitty Cat Hotel

3537 Hawthorne Ave, Eugene 97402

(541) 520-3493


Oregon Horse Center

90751 Prairie Rd, Eugene 97402

(541) 689-9700


Three Oaks Stable

95707 Hwy 99E, Harrisburg 97446

(541) 852-7387


Whispering Meadows

29015 W Meadowview Rd, Junction City 97448

(541) 607-1902


Lakeview Stables

27837 Royal Ave, Eugene 97402

(541) 689-3814


Triple Crown Farm

84652 Weatherberry Ln, Pleasant Hill 97455

(503) 730-4380

Pet food, etc

Greenhill Humane Society

88530 Greenhill Rd,

Eugene 97402

(541) 521-1445 Sasha

Boarding for Bird & Reptile

Please inquire with Greenhill pickup and delivery of pets.

Dog food, Cat food, and Cat litter available, as well as pet carrier loans.

Welfare Checks

If you know of a vulnerable individual, who is in need of assistance (homebound, medically fragile) you can contact the Lane County Sheriff's Office non-emergency dispatch line (541-682-4141) to let them know.

Any emergency or threat to life should go directly to 911.

How can I get updated information from Lane County?





Media Partners

We regularly send updated information to our local media partners – digital, print, radio.

Road Closures:

  • State Highways, or 511
  • County Roads – check the county website – we will post the information to this update report.
  • Special Districts – currently special road districts do not have a centralized way to report their closures – Lane County will post information as they receive it.

Where can I go to get information from other cities or agencies?


Power Company



Lane Electric


Springfield Utility Board



Emerald People’s Utility District


Eugene Water and Electric Board




City Areas



City of Eugene


City of Eugene Public Works



City of Springfield


City of Cottage Grove


City of Creswell