Zoom Classes

WIC has partnered with Food for Lane County to provide you with more nutrition education via Zoom.  Please join us for one of the following LIVE sessions:

December WIC Zoom Classes
12/8      10am    Crockpot 101   https://bit.ly/3yD3v3A

12/16    1pm      Intro to Cooking with Herbs and Spices   https://bit.ly/3kJn3i7

12/29    2pm      Take Two!   https://bit.ly/3Dxa1Nf

January WIC Zoom Classes

1/12 Crockpot Cooking 1-2pm     https://bit.ly/3FJsdUL

1/24 Cooking with Beans 10-11am    https://bit.ly/3oSs77r

February WIC Zoom Classes

Take Two   2/2/22   10-11am    https://bit.ly/3GCeCzh

Batch Cooking   2/23/22   3-4pm    https://bit.ly/3pQvmwD

March WIC Zoom Classes

March 14   1pm  Vegetarian Cooking on a Shoestring   https://bit.ly/3xHzjFD

March 24th  9am    Cooking with Beans   https://bit.ly/3rp0iVm