Bicycle Master Plan

Lane County is creating its first Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) which will focus on improving the safety and comfort of rural County roads and paved paths. The planning process commenced with a technical advisory committee (TAC) in the fall of 2020, resulting in the development of a vision in which bicycling is a viable regional transportation option throughout Lane County for people of all ages and abilities, linking communities to destinations and services, and connecting where we live, work, and play. The TAC established multiple goals for the BMP, including: safety and comfort; regional connectivity; equitable and inclusive access; environment and quality of life; economic vitality; and feasibility.


The planning effort will continue through 2021 to include an analysis of existing conditions and the development of recommendations that are informed by extensive community engagement. Key outcomes of the planning effort include the identification of the appropriate level of infrastructure needs to guide investments. This includes considering what types of users we are trying to serve with each project and determining what types of facilities make sense in each project area.


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Becky Taylor, Senior Transportation Planner